Nation focused on Dallas Ebola nurse instead of cyber pandora’s box

Nation focused on Dallas Ebola nurse instead of cyber pandora’s box

While many are focusing on the Ebola contamination, policies are being slipped through the back door.

This article put out by the guardian was just released on a Financial War Game called Walking Shark II, to simulate a banking crisis.

Those familiar with the short film I Pet Goat II, will recall the Shark upon the blackboard. It has mostly been perceived as representing the Sharks Of Wall-street and some future event to occur. The film has predicted many events we are currently experiencing in todays headlines. Death, destruction and what may ensue in the future. It has been very On Point in many of these events. It is almost surreal the Bank of England should name this crisis drill Walking Shark II. The picture of the shark in the short film definitely looks like its walking as well to put the II behind it almost gives the indication of where to find the Walking Shark (in the film I Pet Goat II). This can not be by coincidence.

Take note that Coincidently the Walking Shark is right next to the hung man. Are we in fact on our last leg? Time is running out and they are very excited to inform us of that fact.

Walking shark 1

Let see what the Bank Of England has to say regarding this drill or crisis scenario:

bankenglandwalkingsharkSource: Bank of England


s this project or drill a facet of predictive programing? Doubtful, it seems more like another projected warning by the banking industry of things to come. They always seem to have to warn us before they pull something over on the populace.

A previous video explanation of the warning issued within the video I Pet Goat II. At approximately 16:40 in the video below an outline of connections are explained regarding unrest and destruction within a sentence on the blackboard. Although this video is well over a year ago it is close to the current events unraveling today in the headlines.



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