New FEMA Warning Video – A Hint Of Things To Come?

New FEMA Warning Video – A Hint Of Things To Come?


“It Started Like Any Other Day”

Fema just released the above video today and although it should be noted you should always be prepared, the video does not teach the viewer anything about preparedness. Instead it seems more like a warning of things to come rather than a message on how to be prepared. Yes the video tells you, you should be prepared however where is the lesson to inform the public on how they should be ready or prepare for the scenarios they show within the video.

DHS have been hiring in mass lately U.S. Gov. Jobs The hiring frenzy withing FEMA U.S. Gov Jobs has been extensive for various personnel. It seems so many things are changing so fast. It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. You should have a plan. If not. Good Luck to you and your family.
Stay At The Ready… Always.


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