News Story Contains Events About the Aurora Batman Theater Shooting That Had Not Happened Yet!

Just 2 hours after the shooting, the story talks about events that had not even happened yet, including the identification of a victim whom the family had searched for 14 hours to find! Even the updating of this page does not explain a title that could not have happened if the family had been searching for him for 14 hours. 14 hours had not passed when the title of the story was uploaded. Unless they completely changed the title of the story. For those of you who know how to examine page information, maybe you can provide some insight. – By Enterthe5t4rz


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    Dave March 03, 2014

    Check out these articles:

    Search on Youtube for: The Truthseeker: 9/11 & Opertion Gladio (E23)

    The original video with nearly 180,000 views will not come up!

    However go to the link below and the video is still there but you cannot find it in a youtube search.

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    Sherry Bailey March 03, 2014

    Ye ancient evil ones have foresight into the future to some degree… It is proven that in the 9/11 horror that advertising with the cookie monster in 1976 that the Twin Towers would fall, as well as a Illuminati Card that showed the fall of the Twin Towers. They also are able to time travel and do all sorts of evil things with limited powers.

    Sesame Street & Twin Towers;

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