No Comments – Truth Bombs

No Comments – Truth Bombs


ell another useful idea has come and went. The tool of “Truth Bombing” is a thing of the past, and it only just started. It is the belief of this writer the tactic was so successful the powers that be had to take it down.

I know of many comments I made working on the “Truth Bomb” tactic and in keeping it clean and addressing the topic of the articles I commented on, I noticed some were less than civil. Many of those I know who participated in the tactic used logical and well researched attempts to address the topic of discussion on the various topics that were commented on.

What I surmise has happened, while the tact was a great approach. TPTB (the powers that be)  realized how successful this approach actually was and sent forth a mass of bad mouthed, ill intent trolls to kill the ideal.

I began to notice these truth bombs coming up in the most unlikely places. I know the YouTube Truth community were asking for various and obviously false articles to be the focus. However I noticed that many articles that had nothing to do with our topics were being attacked as well.

Problem (the logical truth in the tactics were working) Reaction (OMGosh! To many people are seeing these sensible comments and alternate points of view) Solution (Send out the Mainstream Minions and kill the comments everywhere and for everyone) So much for open media. They will however explain due to the lies of the commenters everyone needs to suffer. Now TPTB will unleash a software so intrusive you will never want to make a logical comment again, in fear of arrest. There goes another segment of free speech.

As Swan Song our MaxResistance Round Table host suggested. It won’t last long. They will use something against us to take it down, and he was right.



Nastiness threatens online reader comments
In the face of rising vitriol -- attacks, bigotry and general nastiness -- news organizations are increasingly throwing in the towel on online comments

Washington (AFP) – The Internet was supposed to facilitate better exchange between the public and news media. But vile and hateful comments changed all that.

In the face of rising vitriol — attacks, bigotry and general nastiness — news organizations are increasingly throwing in the towel on online comments.

Last month, Vice Media’s Motherboard news site turned off reader comments, saying “the scorched earth nature of comments sections just stifles real conversation.”

It instead began taking “letters to the editor” to be screened by staff.

Vox Media’s online news site The Verge said in July it was “turning off comments for a bit,” noting that the tone was “getting a little too aggressive and negative.”

Blogging platform Medium this past week allowed its users to hide reader comments, acknowledging that “sometimes you may not want to get in a discussion.”

The Chicago Sun-Times, The Daily Beast, news website Re/code, the millennial-focused news site Mic and Popular Science also have shut off comments.

And launched last year without them, saying that “flame wars” turned readers off.

“Newsrooms are really struggling with this,” said Jennifer Stromer-Galley, a professor of information studies at Syracuse University.

“They like the idea of the comments because it brings readers back, it creates a community of people who are dedicated and that’s good for advertising,” she told AFP.

“But the downside is that when people see lots of vitriol and attack, even if they are not using bad language, it turns people off. The worry is that instead of fostering communication, you lose readers.”

Research this year by University of Houston professor Arthur Santana found anonymous comments on online news sites can often bring out the vilest of views, particularly on hot topics such as immigration.

– ‘Locusts, vermin’ –

“Often the targets of the incivility are marginalized groups, including racial minorities,” Santana said in the Newspaper Research Journal.

Santana found readers referred to immigrants as “cockroaches, locusts, scumbags, rats, bums, buzzards, blood-sucking leeches, vermin, slime, dogs, brown invaders, wetbacks,” among others.

Santana said that newspapers “have expressed frustration with rampant incivility and ad hominem attacks in their commenting forums,” but may also be hurting their own reputations by becoming a place for mud-slinging.

The problem is not limited to US news sites: “flame wars” have forced the shutdown of comments on South Africa’s largest online news publisher and Independent Online has done the same.

Read Full Article: Nastiness threatens online reader comments


Truth bombs specifically focused at particular topics is a part of the reason comments have been disabled. Because they worked and those that control the narrative don’t like that at all.

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