“NO GO ZONES”! – Paris

“NO GO ZONES”! – Paris


Video Description:

Boycott Fox News!!!


Video Description:

A French TV host this week mocked Fox News for its coverage of Muslim “no-go zones” in France by sending staffers out on the streets to discover how dangerous these places really are. Yann Barthès, the host of Le Petit Journal, showed video of a Fox guest telling Elisabeth Hasselbeck he’s been to some of these areas where non-Muslims supposedly aren’t allowed, and they feel just as dangerous as Iran or Afghanistan.

Barthès referred to them as “Barbie and Ken,” and laughed at them for citing a poll about French support of ISIS that was discredited already by The Washington Post.

And then, Barthès said, the “credibility of the two Fox News clowns disappeared when they showed a map of Paris with some ‘no-go zones.’” And he proceeded to mock Fox by sending staffers out into the streets of these supposedly dangerous areas to find… well… nothing terribly threatening.”*


Can a city sue a TV channel?

Anne Hidalgo

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has said she plans to sue Fox News for a broadcast that described parts of the French capital as “no-go zones” for non-Muslims. But is it possible for a city to take out a libel action against a TV channel, asks Thomas Dahlhaus?

Source: BBC

Older but Good: Fox News Lies, Lies, Lies!

Part 2


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