No HONR Among Thieves

No HONR Among Thieves
Illegal Censorship is Alive and Well on Youtube.

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ccording to new information revealed in the video’s below the character well known for his apparent son’s death at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, has been very busy with his troop of minions striking down everyone’s freedom of speech. This character (we call him a character) is Lenny Pozner of It has come to the attention of many his actual name is Eleizer Pozner and he is out to police youtube of any thought against the official story of the Sandy Hook Hoax. These people (anyone connected with the crime of Sandy Hook) not only have the gull to collect millions upon millions of dollars by way of their supposed dead children, this particular character takes it a step further by perpetuating the gravy train and asking for even more donations to stop free speech. He has setup a fake website to generate income by falsely accusing those who reveal valid evidence against the official narrative as being the Hoaxers. Nothing like twisting the truth to make the all mighty buck.


hen this character files these DMCA’s under a false name they are committing fraud, according to YouTubes own documentation when filing these claims. Therefore he is falsifying the claim against the video uploader as well as the claim as to who he is to Youtube. This is outright abuse and Youtube is allowing it to continue unchecked. This is a thought crime by taking your opinions, rights and freedom of speech.



his Lenny Pozner character has also implicated a business called Sabrina’s Encore Productions as being a party to this collection. If you take the address for this website. If you put the address of the that is on their website and put it into the search engines you will find the first address that comes up is the Sabrina’s Encore Productions as the location.

NOTE: Sabirina’s Encore Productions does indicate the #276 on its address however on the site they do not indicate any particular suite or box # for the location. This leaves suspicion that the first address location of Sabrina’s is strange due to past reports in the mainstream media on their involvement in the Sandy Hook Stealing allegations.


So are Pozner and Sabrina in cahoots to collect funds from the public without being a certified charity? We have tried to contact Savrina’s Encore Productions for comment, without any success.


If you remember Sabrina was under investigation regarding

Controversy as Newtown children’s choir is revealed to have no connection to Sandy Hook and is run by former high school teacher accused of stealing

Organisers of a Newtown children’s choir that has appeared on Good Morning America are facing accusations they have misled the public – as the group has no formal connection to Sandy Hook.

While the Newtown Music Project features a handful of children from the school, it is organised independently and led by a teacher who quit her job at a Newtown high school after she was accused of theft.

The choir, which has recorded a single of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ to raise money for the town, will appear on the Grammy’s this weekend. It is a separate choir from the Sandy Hook Elementary School choir that performed alongside Jennifer Hudson at the Super Bowl last weekend.

On Thursday, the school district superintendent Janet Robinson voiced misgivings about the choir during an appearance on CNN after parents called her office with their concerns.

Scroll down for video of the choir

Questions: The children from the Newtown Music Project are seen singing on Good Morning America last month. The group does not have anything to do with Sandy Hook Elementary School

Questions: The children from the Newtown Music Project are seen singing on Good Morning America last month. The group does not have anything to do with Sandy Hook Elementary School

They had complained about Sabrina Post, who is leading the choir and runs a performing arts studio in the town, and her history with the school system, Robinson said.

Post had been the choral director at Newtown High before she was charged with stealing through bogus expense vouchers and placed on leave in February 2005.

She resigned in June 2005 after agreeing to pay the school board $11,000, the Hartford Courant reported.

Robinson said parents were also confused whether the choir had been to the Super Bowl. Those students do attend the school where a gunman killed 20 students and six women on December 14.

‘I just know that I’ve got a lot of people saying, “They’re on Good Morning America. These aren’t our kids,’ Robinson said. ‘Why are they using this name?’

In charge: Some parents have expressed concern that Sabrina Post, pictured, leads the choir as she was accused several years ago of theft. She has insisted it is all above board

In charge: Some parents have expressed concern that Sabrina Post, pictured, leads the choir as she was accused several years ago of theft. She has insisted it is all above board

Disgruntled: School district Superintendent Janet Robinson said parents are unhappy about Post's part

Disgruntled: School district Superintendent Janet Robinson said

Continue: To Full Story Here –  DailyMotionSandyHook


Many Youtube Channels have made strong statements towards this character Lenny Pozner and


Diatribe warning (yet again)

A message to Leonard Pozner, and the families of Sandy Hook who are using their children’s tragedy to raise MILLIONS of dollars, several million of which have come from the public taxpayers….

So, the families of Sandy Hook use some of the money you raised to start a company to go online and file false claims of “copyright” against videos you don’t like the content of?

This is called “trolling”.  When you file a false claim to have a video removed which you don’t personally like the content of.  Not because the video violates any laws , but because that is the only avenue they can use to remove a video.

Using your “victim” status to censor other citizens thoughts?  Using the kids deaths to troll those looking into said childrens deaths?!

Using the tragedy to get paid, but then not allowing anyone to look into the people raising the money?!

A case of “free speech for me, but not for THEE”…

I made a video looking into the guy filing all these copyright claims on youtube, and HE FILED A FALSE COPYRIGHT AGAINST MY VIDEO showing who he is!

Public information on a public search on my public channel shared to my public audience.. and they claimed a “right” to my content to get it removed.

Abuse of the legal copyright system to have something removed which they don’t like.

Copyright claims are supposed to be used for protecting ARTISTS and videomakers like myself (musicians, scientists, educators, and even comedians etc..) … protecting our custom created content and opinions from theft.

To use the copyright system to file FALSE claims is no better than censorship by arresting someone under false charges to silence them in the public domain .  Dictators do this.  Fascists do this.  And now rich Sandy Hook people are doing it to average citizens like me.

This is a case of a rich guy who stands to gain a boat load more using a 2 year old tragedy, who then uses a company he creates with the money he already raised from the TAXPAYERS (and public donations) to file false claims in order to stop a message they don’t personally like.

All because I looked into the guys public information?

Do you think he understands that when he filed a false copyright claim, he falsely PUBLICLY accused me of a CRIME which can carry a sentence up to 20+ years in prison, and carry great fines as well.

So the Sandy Hook family(ies) think google searches of images are not to be shown publicly?  I have an educational, 1st amendment right to look into public documents, and make those documents known to others.

Get the word out to the public, you can’t use google images to look through public images any more!  🙂  You now have to ask permission to look in google images!  (LOL total BS  LOL)

Filing a “copyright” claim against a THUMBNAIL of a picture of Noah Pozner which appears with 100 other pictures on a search page?  Using that as the reason to file a copyright?  Its not shown for even 10 seconds (which is covered under most fair use law).

For the record, I was never really a Sandy Hook “conspiracy” believer, but after today, since I got slammed for just LOOKING INTO ONE OF THE PEOPLE FILING CLAIMS, I’m starting to second guess my original stick in the mud skepticism.   Something odd could be going on with Sandy Hook.

I’m leaning towards GREED, as opposed to “conspiracy”. :\

You guys know me and debunking BS on youtube… debunking Comet ISON hitting earth.. debunking plastic snow falling from the sky…. debunking the brooms standing on their ends over a fake “pole shift”…… debunking the UFO’s which were really computer animation…. debunking Epizuti end of the world talk….. debunking myself even with the tweets from 2012…. or how about debunking ISIS photoshopping the executions…… debunking the claims recently about the National Guard / Military starting fires here in St. Louis.

Now.. here is a guy from Sandy Hook slamming me for looking into him?  Filing false legal claims to get his way?!    This is what $ does to people, I bet this guy used to be cool at some point in his life.

No way he could have been this big a douche before all this mess.

Either this guy is a legit fool , an out of control victim family member who now thinks THEIR way is the right way, and everyone else’s rights can take back seat to theirs…….. or he’s a shill up to no good.

There is the slight possibility that this is NOT the guy at all, and that he has an impersonator online who is filing false claims in his name to smear the Sandy Hook families, and also smear “truthers” who come back and respond nastily.

I can tell you at this point, regardless of being a victim of a shooting spree 2 years ago, we should not let “victims” (or anyone else for that matter) dictate terms of free speech upon the masses.

Victims can be irate, inflexible, unfair, and even can sometimes be delusional in their responses to situations which remind them of their tragedy.  Which leads me to ask why a man would go online and pick a fight with EVERYONE talking about Sandy Hook, even the people who are not doing anything illegal, or improper.

This family started filing claims on videos , we have a right to look into who is filing the claims.  They do not have a right to censor a video where I am looking up who is filing the claims against several fellow videomakers on youtube.

As soon as I did look them up, they came and got me unfairly.  Thus, finally, I must say this most likely means the other videos were taken down the same way.  Unjustly.

Characters who are heavily involved in the flagging of Independent Solidarity Media’s Creative Commons Documentary are as follows:



Ves7 who has a long history of contact with a dead child’s Twitter account, supports this effort to take anyone who does not agree with the official narrative to court. They also support the project to collect public money thru donations to bring ALL those free thinkers to justice. NOTICE: She apparently claims to be a free thinker. (your a free thinker only if you agree with their narrative)

This blog: By WADE or CW WADE also wants your money in support of collecting money for their sort of justice.


Source: SandyHookFacts

This FaceBook page is the new direct for the honr network however if you notice they have no indication they are actually a part of the Honr Network. Thus it must be concluded they are a separate entity in conjunction with collecting more illicit funds?

fbnetworkreportsandyhSource: HONR

The Numbers Are Growing:

Many Youtube channel are being struck down for nothing more than making note of Youtube’s complaicency against its users of false claims by Pozner.

Full Article: Dutchsinse

Filing claims against others while you yourself have ripped videos up with NO permission granted.  Copyright theft plain and simple.

While you’re there let him know that despite his “victim” status from Sandy Hook, he can now add “oppressive censoring fascist” to the description.   Maybe add “greedy two faced lying hypocrite” to the description as well.

It’s all about his bottom dollar apparently, check it out:

cash cow crooks

In my opinion, Leonard Posner is a greedy unhinged online-trolling oppressive censoring fascist two-faced lying hypocrite who goes by the multiple aliases of Eliezer Pozner / Lenny Pozner / Leonard Pozner / Len Posner / Traxel Pozner.

This man is fliling false claims against people looking into his multiple identities.

Let him know how you feel, since he’s collecting boat loads of money from the public, taxpayers, and in donations off Sandy Hook , while slamming others looking into him!

Again, here’s a link to his youtube channel where he himself actually DOES steal other peoples videos , putting them on his own channel ! (which I do not do by the way — all my videos are linked WITH permissions thank you very much :) )


Donator BEWARE:

Comment: After review of the material involved herein, one must question how much money is being collected for this supposed charity/donation fund? Can we actually believe the funds being collected, would go towards the hundreds of thousands who voice their opinion of not believing the official narrative of Sandy Hook? Questions of the legitimacy of this effort must be brought into consideration. Why collect money if they have a network of FREE (their claim not ours) attorneys and paralegals to take up their cause? Who is in control of these funds and how are they accountable to those who donate towards the project? What have they raised to date and what are the expense accounts in regard to who is paid within this project? Please NOTE: they do not call themselves a NON-PROFIT therefore they are paid whatever amount the want, without check towards their own ends, with these donations.

If you donate to their cause then you are funding your future towards censorship. If you donate to this fake project that could not possibly prosecute every (in their view) thought crime against the official narrative of Sandy Hook Shooting, then once again you have been manipulated out of your money by charlaton’s pulling on your heart strings for financial gain. Think about what it is your actually donating to –  Censorship, death of free speech and thought crime convictions. We doubt very much any funds will actually go towards the individual so called harassment’s they claim they endure. Harassment is a loose term they have twisted for their own financial gain, when in fact by all the DMCA claims it is them who are harassing and bulling the public into silence against their pilfering lies and then asking for funds to kill your objection to it.

We would suggest you consider the magnitude of their effort in setting this whole fund generating scheme up. Websites, blogs, trolls to harass and flag videos a large effort has been made on the surface to appear they are legitimate however under the veneer the conclusions are, they are nothing more than rip off artists looking to profit big again on the supposed deaths of children.

Think about it, this is a money generating machine. Independent video makers will not be silenced and can generate continued income to no end by stating they are out to get these unbelievers. In the end they just sit back, strike down videos and collect funds without accountability to anyone. After all its up to you if you donate without disclosure. SUCKER!


Unlike many other websites/blogs we post multiple Youtube and comment creations. We do not create all the content, however we do give you a place to express without censorship. Although we may not always agree with the view, we do try to give you a venue and an open mind to allow for an informed judgement on the content presented.




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  1. Avatar
    Kallie Adrid July 16, 2016

    Lenny Pozner is a cyber terrorist, he needs to be thrown in jail.

  2. Avatar
    Marcellus Peiffer July 16, 2016

    Lenny Pozner is a cyber terrorist, he needs to be thrown in jail.

  3. Avatar
    Major Crud April 20, 2016

    How tall is Lenny? If he’s rather short there may be something noteworthy coming up.

  4. Avatar
    Maureen December 07, 2014

    The powerful conglomeration of interests that tried to pull off Sandy Hook, must have all realized the visual power of the medium of television. The beautiful children were where the emphasis was directed. Their pristine pictures, their stories of animals, cowgirl boots, artistry. But there was a doom to their whole scam, in that most parents are intuitive about how devastated people act, in real life. It was quite the fluke of Robbie Parker being accidentally filmed grinning, and joking, then taking several breaths to speak. But was it a fluke that for two weeks we looked at a picture of an unrelated girl, named Lily Gaubert, when in fact we were told she was Allison Wyatt?

    Who on earth, originally, would have reason to not trust the heads of a state police department? (Even though a DHS drill was scheduled for that very same day, a few miles away) Who would have expected the hand of organized crime, in this, in police and firefighter unions? Who would have suspected the complicity of CNN? But the story unraveled, and for asking 16 very respectful questions about the event, (including no calls for Life Star Helicopters, paramedics turned away from the school, zero footage of the evacuation of 590 students, no name of a hazardous waste company to clean up the gallons of blood and substantial bone fragments that would have been left by 26 victims ) Sandy Hook researcher Wolfgang Halbig got threatened at his own home in Florida, at the behest of Newtown police, not once but twice. His wife has been threatened where she works. Jon Reich, (now up to 11 court appearances) was arrested and hit with a $50,000 bond for legitimately asking questions of medical examiner Wayne Carver, as to how bill 1054 got passed in Ct. in 2011- that prohibited autopsies of juvenile murder victims from being made public. A school teacher in NY- Adam Heller, legally purchasing a firearm- met at his home by 7 policemen, then tossed into a mental institution, and for questioning SH, lost his job. Connecticut State Police Major William Podgorski-a lead investigator into Sandy Hook- was privy to extensive FBI redaction of documents, received minor surgery, then was transferred from Bristol Hospital to Yale New Haven. He died. Podgorski was 49 years old and the father of three children. NO mention whatsoever in Ct. media, of his connection to Sandy Hook, or his cause of death. My discus account has been blocked from commenting on the New Haven Register page about his death. Many participants in the scam have retired, as well. The school is sawdust, with construction workers employed in its demolition, forced to sign confidentiality agreements. No footage whatsoever of “Adam” on the newly acquired school security system. Columbine: still intact, with plenty of video of shooters Klebold and Harris. I will also point out that there are tweeted pictures of Danbury Fire fighters, police cars, and fire engines filling up the parking lot of the firehouse (several feet away from Sandy Hook Elementary School,) TWEETED AT 9:13 AM.- yet “Adam Lanza” according to the official report, did not arrive until 9:30, with calls for ambulances, going right up until 10:05.

    I know of a prominent attorney who at first thought MK Ultra was at play re: Adam Lanza. As he researched this, he changed his mind. Reasons I myself, do not believe he existed: 1. His eye color changed throughout pictures. 2. Kateleen Foy was responsible for all photo shopping of him 3. The funeral home in New Hampshire furnished the Social Security Death Index , (SSDI) with a Dec. 13th date of death of Adam (day before SH) 4. A woman who claimed that her children played with the Lanza’s when they were small, said the Lanza’s had a pool (which they did not) and it turned out that the woman was extremely active in gun control. 5. The yearbook pictures of “Adam” show an outdated “Peter Tork” hairstyle, with outdated pocket protector and button down collar shirt. (incidentally the official report listed “Adam” as being 6 feet tall, 112 pounds, and wearing a size 8 and a half shoe) It is only a guess on my part, but I say the pics could be of father Peter. 6. With so many examples of pre-knowledge of the event, not just cached, but published, (United Way, Arlington Red Devils, Newtown Bee, Ametrano video, Soto FB page, (Yes, I realize FB pages can be recycled), it is unlikely that there was an “Adam” who would neatly make his bed before shooting Mom and 26 others. 7. At 36 Yogananda, an AAA membership card, with Adam’s name on it, was registered to Ryan. The videotapes there have Ryan’s name on it. I also do not believe anyone was actually living in that house, that conveniently displayed the “Lets go shooting” card from Peter Lanza, with guns strewn here, there, everywhere, a drawer full of brand new, unworn socks of Nancy’s, toilet water so low, that the house’s water was likely shut off, lots of cars parked near the next door neighbor, Federal Reserve member, Newtown Savings Bank head, and United Way board member John Trentacosta, who I was told by a woman walking on Yogananda Street, also has a house in Providence, RI – a hub of organized crime.

    Yes, Adam’s name appeared on some documents, but mostly ones generated by the state of Ct., which was invested in pulling off the hoax, as the docs could easily have been altered, imo. His name did not appear on public records, as did the names of Ryan, Peter and Nancy.

    Early on, on one of the first newscasts we saw, was a Yogananda street neighbor in a baseball cap, who said that nobody he knew, even knew of the Lanzas, which he thought to be unusual. Recently, it was revealed that “Adam” never attended Western Ct. State University after all.

    “Bystander” Victoria Munoz, who claimed to be a friend of Nancy Lanza, and had gone to Boston with her, could not even answer as to what Nancy did for a living. We then find out about Munoz’ connection to the government of Columbia, and also that she had performed her poetry at a place known as The Buttonwood Tree in Middletown, Ct., the same place that SH parent Jimmie Green, performed Jazz at his last event before Sandy Hook happened. Another “bystander” Anne Haddad, had one of her past addresses listed as the location of a bar in Port Chester, NY, where Kaitlin Roig is pictured wearing the bar’s t-shirt. How is that a “coincidence”? I’m told Port Chester contains many in organized crime.

    We’ve not had a single couple come forward to say they went to dinner with the Lanzas in years past. Incidentally, the spokesman for Peter Lanza is Errol Cockfield, a former
    Elliot Spitzer employee as well as Hartford Courant reporter, who supposedly was interviewed by Andrew Solomon of The New Yorker- the son of Howard Solomon, the former CEO of pharmaceutical giant Forest Laboratories, as we see the heavy hand of psychiatry on the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission. Courant reporter Bill Leukardt is the stepfather of a teacher we are told is deceased, Lauren Rousseau, and he says he wrote Lauren’s name on a piece of paper, on 12/14, and handed it to a co-worker headed for Newtown. In contrast, we are told he learned of Lauren’s death while at home.
    To look at the pedophile history of Newtown, Father Castaldo, a convicted pedophile priest. (Jeannine Pirro had thankfully helped create the sting operation to arrest him) was allowed to languish at St. Rose of Lima School for years, as well. And if these Newtown children were coached to lie, it is frightening, considering the implications of the way the most innocent among us, are treated in this hellhole, “Truman Show” of a town. Revelations of a private air strip, as well as a clipboard photographed from the official records from the school saying “Tunnel Entrance” may contribute to reasons for the investigation by the FBI, of a current pedophile ring stretching from Maine to Florida, with the towns of Avon, Wethersfield, and yes, Newtown currently under investigation, according to a child advocate I trust. This quote is directly from the FBI’s web site dated February 13 2013, at this link:
    : “David B. Fein, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, announced that EDWARD F. WILSON, 29, of Newtown, pleaded guilty today before United States Magistrate Judge Thomas P. Smith in Hartford to one count of production of child pornography.
    According to court documents and statements made in court, in approximately 2011 and 2012, WILSON sexually abused a female child, filmed and photographed the abuse with an iPhone, and maintained the videos and images on his home computer. The victim was approximately 4 years old at the time of the abuse……..”
    I might note that an FBI agent not authorized to be in Sandy Hook that day, was fired from his job. Newtown also was the location of a branch of the Church of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey, and Connecticut was the state in which a woman named Linda Weigand testified to Satanic Ritual Abuse performed on her sons Jonathan and Ben, as investigated by the late Ted Gunderson, of the FBI. Yet it was the Hartford Courant who painted Weigand as a liar as she tried valiantly to gain custody of her sons. Perhaps bill 1054, demanded by Wayne Carver, prevented this manner of death of a CHILD from ever seeing the light of day.

    Please pray for truth to prevail, to get disseminated, to enlighten, and justice to replace deceit. Pray for seekers of the truth about Sandy Hook, who are brutally excoriated on FB sites, and even to the point of some people having their family picture printed, with names and addresses posted, as well as targeting those Sandy Hook truth seekers, who HAVE lost a child! I’d like to think that the White House is not directing the fear campaign, but I cannot be sure.

    The vindictiveness is unprecedented, and the truth needs to set America free.

  5. Avatar
    CW Wade December 07, 2014

    Actually, my site (nor me) does not solicit nor accept donations at all.. but I doubt accuracy is in your bag of tricks.

    • Avatar
      Tammy Entz December 08, 2014

      Well from the looks of this information it seems you don’t mind supporting frauds to collect donations. Button or not on your website I see you do fully support the efforts to collect ill begotten funds. Seems like directly or indirectly you still profit. My Daddy always said to look deeper and see what everyone has to gain. I see the documentary is not asking for any money for there work, yet here you are supporting those who want to profit. Seem CW Wade and whom ever else is doing this do benefit financially. Shame on you!

    • Avatar
      Rob M December 13, 2014

      @CW Wade- But you are very friendly with Pozner and those who do collect these donations fraudulently – so you are obviously one of his paid shills who troll websites and work with Pozner to try to falsely (and pathetically ) debunk or shut down videos which expose his fraudulent activities… so you are therefore guilty by association (ask your dad about how that works okay son)

    • Avatar
      Rob M January 04, 2015

      No, Of course Not – You’re just on Pozners Payroll as one of is paid shills used to harrass Sandy Hook Researchers who have exposed Pozners fraudulent Alias and activities like requesting donations for “fake Deaths” and other fraudulent activities like his fake corporations registered under various and numerous “Fraudulent Alias’s” .

      So how does it feel to be associated with such known and exposed “Criminals” ? ….doesn’t say very much for “You” now does it ?

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