Much like Canada’s TPP Trans Pacific Partnership (Secret Talks Taking Place Now) the North American Union (just a horse with a different name) is based on taking and securing through nefarious means our sovereignty, minerals and commodities from all of our nations. These crooks are stealing our very life blood for their own pockets via laws and means outside of our own Governments. Our Councils, Commissions. Our politicians are bought and paid for. Realize it is time we have to sweep our houses clean in regard to all those currently in office.
Jason A. reveals the plan in plain sight discussed on national television (thinking you will silently complacently comply) of the so called imaginary conspiracy of the New World Order.

Meanwhile you at home have no rights to your home and property. The are stealing us blind, one way or another.

This is so dangerous, Ted Turner would love the U.N. to govern you and all you own. Who does he think he is and who elected him to dictate us all. This guy is nothing more than a man with a huge ego and wallet pilfered off of us all.


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