NOT FAKE! Obama SATAN Baphomet Horned ISIS Speech Explained

NOT FAKE! Obama SATAN Baphomet Horned ISIS Speech Explained


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The MEDIA faked the image because the top of the window has that horn configuration! And is too far up which is why it NEVER appeared in the speech. In the thumbnail the gold curtain goes down to the chair rail. Also the curtain is closed. During the speech the curtain is open and there’s no gold curtain anywhere near chair rail. Simple. They did the horned pic intentionally to rep their satanic puppet!……

Obama Speech Video (see first second top of window)…


Experts Admit Foley Beheading STAGED…

Emilie Parker Facebook Fund…


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Another Fake Beheading

Foley Beheading – experts now conclude video is fake

Beheaded James Foley is not James Foley


BOOM! WTF? Obama; in the first 5 minutes, declares war on isil / isis?!




in case you’re wondering why the “L” in isiL is capitalized the comment of the day, i think explains it well
wishfix4 hours ago

He calls isis isil, the L is for Lavant which is a much larger area than the name isis suggests.
Obama is going to bomb and invade the whole Lavant area.

PoliceStateRadio outlines the veritable truth. This speech is nothing more than a continued comic strip for the unaware. The only reason they are pushing for a name change on ISIS is due to the fact so many have recognized the lie for what it is. A deep U.S. security firm organized and paid for by the Military Industrial Complex. A name change does not change the flag of ISIS aka/ Al-CIAta aka/ now ISL its all the same horse and pony show. They never expected so many to take notice of the TRUTH! We continue to push forward to expose the lies and deceptions of Obama. They are never ending. Don’t expect the Calvary to ride over the horizon and save you folks, if they do they will be wearing the black and while of (what ever the new name of the day will be). Our military will not save us. They have been infiltrated. The only hope for the true North Americans will be in our own boys home grown militias. God Help Us All if our troops agree to over look these obvious lies and go into Syria and the middle east for the price of a barrel of oil and some resources.

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