Nothing but the Truth

Nothing but the Truth


Please share this with everyone you know and everyone you don’t know. Download it, save it, spread it. Only we as individuals can make the change. It’s a long road and there’s no turning back. Please don’t let your friends and family live in ignorance.

Enough said: No doubt- The evidence speaks for itself



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    the truth is good! September 17, 2014

    the boston marathon hoax,is the best HOAX to watch,looking at the details,interviews,fake injurys,etc..etc..IT’S HEAVEN for every thruther;)peekay22-boston hoax…man i love him!!(and alll the others of course,but peekay22 did made such good,funny boston hoax video’s….i love him!)

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    willowtree523 September 17, 2014

    That was excellent…………the team really had a good eye for detail.

    I’m not convinced that any legal action will ever be taken against these fraudsters. They have their places all legally sewed up in one little neat package of deception which is the way of the land now. New rules for liars to get away with this crapola!

    BUT when all is said and done and they collect the money they stoled from well wishers and the stupid they will suffer the worst bomb of all. THE BOMB THAT WILL DROP ON THEM ON JUDGEMENT DAY!!!!!!!

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