NYC health department sends Ebola ACTORS to hospitals

NYC health department sends Ebola ACTORS to hospitals


Lets look into this report a bit further:

Many in the alternative media have suggested the Ebola outbreak as being a possible Psyop. To further support this suggestion we need to look deeper into various articles put out by the mainstream media. Symbolism and number signals are almost always obvious for many of our informed readers here at Max Resistance so lets take a look at a few indicators that this may well be such a psyop to the public.

This article and news report was just put out by ABC News in New York. Lets see if we can recognize the code in it. (Highlighted in RED)(Commentary in BLUE)

New York City’s Department of Health has been on alert for Ebola, and it’s now stepping up its contingency plans.

The task is not only tracking down any possible cases that could come to our area, but also how to treat and contain the virus.

Diagnosing and treating Ebola are all such top priorities in New York right now that officials have been sending actors into emergency rooms pretending to be sick (this might mean other actors around the country have been used to promote the fear as well) to see how the staff respond.

“I really think it’s beneficial,” student John-David Noguerra said. “I’d rather us be over-prepared than under-prepared for it.” (Public acceptance of Actors being used, such will be the case with other events should they come to light and prosecution be demanded, Example Boston Bombing Actors)

To be clear, there have been no confirmed cases of Ebola in New York City, but officials are not resting on that. They are preparing for the worst. Hospitals have set up isolation rooms.

“We need to provide healthcare providers with training, protection, equipment and procedures,” Dr. Celia Quinn said. (Expenditure of massive expense when these patients could have been left in Africa where treatment is already set up)

After all, New York City has a large population of West African immigrants and is a hub for international travelers. Experts consider this city a target for Ebola. (Indicating it is just a matter of time that cases WILL be found in NYC)

“I’m so scared about it spreading around New York,” resident Shantel Douglas said. “Just scared thinking about it.” (create the fear from the public to the public)

The city has received 88 (Really 88?) phone calls recently regarding possible cases, and thankfully, all have turned up negative for Ebola. But this is exactly what the health department wants, for doctors to be alert, patients to come forward and the public to be informed. (Channel on YT like Nicholson1968 and EnterThe5t4rz have been reporting on the 88 symbolism in many of these hoax events)

“The thing I want to say is that Ebola is scary (more fear), but it’s not readily transmitted,(More lies)” said Dr. Mary Bassett, chairperson of the New York City Department of Health. “People who have it got it from someone who was sick with Ebola.” (Interesting statement does this give the prelude to report your family and friends agenda?)

As part of its campaign against Ebola, (Is anyone aware there was such a campaign?) the health department is now hanging posters all over the city in different languages to raise awareness of the potentially deadly virus. (Create Panic of a Virus, If people want to protest or rally in the streets this will quell any such actions against the administration)

Meanwhile, the calls are getting louder for tougher screening at the airports, (The calls should be loud regarding leaving the carriers in Africa, no mention of that though) including turning down some passengers. (I believe travel was restricted during all occupations, this passage in the article should send up red flags to everyone) The health department says if someone arrives at JFK with symptoms, he or she will be brought directly to Bellevue Hospital and tested. (This sets the standard to incarcerate anyone they want. PERIOD)

Don’t say they haven’t warned you. This whole article is a message to those in the know.

Source article: NYC health department sends actors to hospitals to test Ebola preparedness



I expect the neon-green ribbons and the donation platers to be around very soon.

An Article Using The Word ACTOR & Crisis Inappropriately: This is a mislead to the word usage and the ongoing Psyop in progress.

Ebola: Ten Proposals to Engage Religious Actors More Proactively

Networks of religious and faith-inspired actors are a resource that could magnify the impact of urgent responses and recovery plans in West Africa.

Governments and international organizations are mobilizing rapidly to respond to the Ebola epidemic in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, but the needs and speed of the epidemic currently overwhelm available capacities (local and international). Challenges are exacerbated by the epidemic’s fast pace and changing dynamics. Informed predictions point to a continuing escalation of cases and to wide-ranging, grave repercussions for economies and societies, including threats to basic healthcare and food supplies, across the region. The crisis demands immediate responses along many urgent dimensions but also points to underlying, longer term needs that call for new directions in development strategies.

Religious leaders and networks in the affected areas are a largely untapped asset in strategic responses to the Ebola crisis. Faith-inspired actors are at the forefront of the medical response in many areas. Further, in these highly religious societies people commonly look to religious leaders for care and guidance. In the current situation where fears, rumors, and patchy information drive responses, trusted religious leaders are vital in communications. They form religious networks within the region or country and internationally (though these are fragmented and poorly mapped). Religious leaders are often gifted communicators and have communication channels — formal and informal — that can help to disseminate messages and listen to and feedback community needs and concerns. Religious leaders and institutions almost certainly represent by far the densest existing networks on the ground and are often the pillars of communities.

READ MORE: (you really should read on to see how many times they misuse the Actor word along with Crisis. Its astounding)

This article leaves one to wonder if these Crisis Actors are to be used as production victims to gain ever more access to Africa and or build on the need for more military to protect them? Besides we should send in more possible viral victims to transport the virus home to our shores.





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