Obama Proclaims “NWO Must Rule YOU!”

Obama Proclaims “NWO Must Rule YOU!”


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The new world order is not a myth. We live in a world full of lies. U.S. President Obama explains what he has in store for U.S. citizens and the people of the world, the NWO

This short video is a montage of a longer speech
Obama in Brussels.

(This is an edited clip, however Obama’s words remain chilling)


Full Transcript: HERE


Speech in its Entirety : Obama’s Keynote “EU” Speech in Brussels



In the full context of the speech he is calling for unity of all nations as ONE. How soon he forgets the nation he is suppose to represent is not a Democracy but is suppose to be a Republic. Defining his interests narrowly he is calling for Internationalism. He is calling for you to “live by the law”, indicating the United Nations One World Court of THEIR Law.

In conclusion: Be careful what you cry for.


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