OMG! UNPROTECTED man just 5 FEET from 2nd Ebola Patient – Why?

OMG! UNPROTECTED man just 5 FEET from 2nd Ebola Patient – Why?

8/06/2014 — UNPROTECTED man just 5 FEET from Ebola Patient at Hospital entrance

An unprotected man, standing just 5 feet from the infected patient as they enter Emory Hospital in Atlanta Georgia.

Outrageous.  Putting all our lives at risk.

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Above: Screenshot of the arrival of the 2nd Ebola patient at Emory Hospital in Atlanta Georgia. An unprotected man stands dangerously close as the infected victim is being wheeled into the hospital. Everyone surrounding this patient within 5 feet SHOULD have appropriate protection.



The blatant disregard for basic safety precautions for these viral patients exposure to the public is so far beyond assinine, its not even funny.

Regardless whether this virus is fully “airborne”, this man is close enough to get particles from sneezing, coughing, sweat, or breathing.

This above screen shot comes from yesterdays 2nd Ebola patient arrival.

Obviously, the man is unprotected, in short sleeves, no breathing device, and just TURNS HIS BACK to avoid exposure.

Meanwhile everyone surrounding the INFECTED patient should be wearing protective gear.

Just a few days ago, video footage from a person at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, shows a cameraman about 15 feet away from the 1st arriving infected ebola patient….

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Above: Screenshot of the arrival of the 1st Ebola patient to Emory Hospital, in Atlanta Georgia. A cameraman can be seen hiding just 15 feet away, with no protection.

Video of the cameraman being caught can be seen here:

I said it before, I will say it again — this whole thing is a very bad, dumb idea:

Original video here:

Source of full Story here:

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In This Brief Segment The Pioneer of ASU Ebola treatment explains “WHY”



Intentional Slip-up by the White House Spokesperson.




‘Airborne’ Ebola Virus – Public Health Agency of Canada!



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  1. Avatar
    louis August 07, 2014

    There are 2 people. Look at the bottom of the screen from 1:02 – 1:07. They both appear to be wearing the same clothes. Oddly enough, and I am sure it is a coincidence, they have the same color scheme, black shirt, tan pants and tan shoes, as the mercenaries that bombed the boston marathon. Maybe they wanted to be visible and to put their fingerprint on this one as well.

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th August 07, 2014

      Good eye louis I totally missed that. I don’t believe in coincidences in regard to this story. Great Catch!!!

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