One Of Our Own Needs Help – 108Morris108

One Of Our Own Needs Help – 108Morris108

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Video Description:…
Journalist Maurice Herman, aka 108Morris108, has fallen into a coma in Cambodia. Together, we can find his family, and raise funds for hospital expenses. Donate at

We at MaxResistance have featured many of 108morris108’s videos and insight over the past year. 108Morris108 channel has been an active part of “The Resistance” portion of the website. We have from time to time kept up with his many travels around the world. Please if you can help, consider doing so.

Morris did suffer a recent motorcycle accident that did in fact leave him dizzy and dazed with a broken shoulder. Could this have an effect on why he suddenly went into coma we may never know.

For now he needs some help. I would like to challenge other Youtuber’s out there to at least give a few bucks and help him out of this situation so Once (we won’t say IF) he is on his way to recovery he won’t have to worry about a hospital bill over his head.

If we can’t help our own then we are truly lost.  Thank you and all the very best to Morris and a safe and speedy recovery.

Lord Hear Our Prayers for Morris.


UPDATE ON MAURICE aka 108morris108


We have not been able to contact either the hospital nor friends to fully confirm the video, however we will continue to make contact to verify all the information. We have donated towards efforts for Morris care and will take it on good faith this is a factual video report by SovietBearRus personally we all have given a few bucks to much less needy of causes. I would hope we can still have trust and faith in others during trying times.


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