“Only the UN Can HELP” – The New World Order Deception!

“Only the UN Can HELP” – The New World Order Deception!

Israel/Gaza – “Only the UN Can HELP” – The New World Order Deception!


Where is this heading? I can sit all day and pull articles about UN intervention, requests or missions. These are becoming so frequent I can’t refresh my search without having to update the links I’m using in this very article.The *NWO* is unfolding right before our eyes, we are being conditioned to accept the UN as the solution  to the worlds problems that they are creating. We all know about PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION and they are certainly causing problems worldwide right now. I’m sure we can all guess what the solution is at this point.

Media control has put into the minds of the public our Government can no longer assist nor handle various aspects of our system. We have all contributed to the idea our Government is corrupt and inept. Now the media push is to focus our attention towards the only help available is by way of the U.N. Let’s be reasonable. What City would ever call upon assistance from the U.N.? No City Would! Unless the media wants attention given to the prospect that the only help available will be through the U.N. Don’t believe it for a moment. They (the powers that be) want you to believe this is your only course of action. They are bringing a bit of the truth forward on those in positions of power within our Governments of corruption and wickedness. This is by design to circumvent our current Government and to have the people cry to have it abolished.

There is NOTHING WRONG WITH OUR GOVERNMENT, however there is something very wrong with those currently in positions of power within our government. The truth is if you call to disband our current system and replace it with their intended system then we have no safe guards in place any longer. Do Not Call for U.N. Help and Do Not Call for the destruction of our Republic. Once it is gone and that is what they want you will have nothing but yourselves to blame with what they want to implement as the New World Order.


Detroit activists call for UN help as city shuts off water for thousands

City’s water utility keeps raising rates as it falls further into debt; nearly half of customers are behind on payments

by Peter Moskowitz

UNREAL: UN Wants to “Intervene” in Border Crisis to Help Illegals

The United Nations is considering taking action on the U.S. border crisis, offering to define illegals as refugees and provide them with protection.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Libya seeks UN help, warns of collapse

Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdelaziz asked the UN Security Council to dispatch experts …

Source: The Nation

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