Open Message to YouTube Management – David vs. Goliath

Open Message to YouTube Management – David vs. Goliath
Hello supporters of IMS and We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook,

Each of us have individually expressed appreciation, solidarity and hope because of everyone who uploaded our video in whole or in part. We feel likewise because of those who made promotional videos, seeded torrents, blogged about it and flooded the comments with it all over the Web. Something’s happening, and although it’s fading a bit I assure you that’s only the calm before the storm!


This message is largely geared toward the uploaders who had their video taken down with a copyright strike. But, I’ll explain after this why you all might want to continue reading. If you haven’t heard yet, we considered the problem of these invalid claims and came up with a simple, but we think brilliant strategy to resolve it. We’re going to fight fire with fire.

We’ve produced a 2 minute video “Open Message to YouTube Management.” There’s no easier way to explain it than by just watching it. So, you should watch it here and then read on…



Are you feeling that? We’re not demanding in tone. The tone is more like, “Hey, there’s donuts in the conference room.” We present a simple explanation that makes complete sense. Therefore, our request is reasonable. In a way, we’re offering to help YouTube with a chronic abuser of their system. In another way, we’re asking point blank that they give all of our videos back and to put back all the channels they booted out. But, it’s highly dependent on some of you to get the results we’re targeting.


This strategy should work by applying heat and pressure to YouTube. You might think that’s near impossible given their size and market domination. Ah! If you think that you might be underestimating the power of bad PR. Our theory is that a fairly small number of copies of this video bouncing around YouTube could result in all our requests being met. However, what that number is won’t be known until they are.


If you’ve had a copy of our video in full or in part taken down with a copyright strike, or if you had a channel booted off YouTube then we ask that you upload this 2 minute video, linked below. Please use the title provided below when you do. That is an important part of the strategy. At 2 minutes and at 1920×1080 resolution, it will be a quickie upload…
[ raw video link ]
TITLE: Open Message to YouTube Management

As stated earlier, everyone else receiving this message can benefit too. Since we saw the power behind a mass upload of a single video, we think there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t upload this one. So, please do. It won’t result in one of your videos being restored but it just might prevent one from being taken down in the future. And, the more copies of our documentary online gets us that much closer to achieving the goal of disclosure.


We don’t know for sure if we identified all the accounts that had our video taken down. It’s very likely there were many we missed. If you know of any accounts that got a copyright strike for our video, please email the account name(s) to so we can compare it to the names on our list. We want to make sure everyone gets their video restored and every channel gets put back online.

Please share a link to the video on any forum or in comments anywhere you think it might be helpful. We think including the title, “Open Message to YouTube Management” will get people curious enough to check it out. With everyone working together, we got this one in the bag. It’s not hard to envision this working. Might as well start smiling now!

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to


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