Operation Jade Helm 15: Exercise to end all exercises?

Operation Jade Helm 15: Exercise to end all exercises?


DoomProfessor2 details some interesting points regarding the full Jade Helm 15 operations. The connections put forward are very alarming if only half were true. The unconventional urban warfare operations


Are you unsure about what our military will do if martial law is enacted? Are you unsure what all of the Helicopter exercises in big cities were all about? With everything we know so far about Jade Helm, the story officials tell us do not add up to an exercise for use overseas!

CORRECTION: I state in video name of Military person who spoke with Newspaper reporter was same name as Bastrop Tx Jade Helm official. That was incorrect.


little BirdSource: ArmyTechnology.com

MH-6 Little Bird.jpg

Source: Wikipedia: MD Helicopters MH-6 Little Bird

Article History Note:
The first Model 369 prototype flew on 27 February 1963. Originally designated the YHO-6A under the army’s designation system, the aircraft was redesignated the YOH-6A under the Department of Defense‘s new joint system in 1962. Five prototypes were built, fitted with a 252 shp (188 kW) Allison T63-A-5A, and delivered to the U.S. Army at Fort Rucker, Alabama to compete against the other 10 prototype aircraft submitted by Bell and Fairchild-Hiller. In the end, Hughes won the competition and the Army awarded a contract for production in May 1965. The initial order was for 714 aircraft, but that was later increased to 1,300 with an option to buy another 114. Seventy helicopters were built in the first month.



Video Description:

JADE HELM. What is it? What are the details? Should I be concerned? What are the symbols? Who are the actors? Learn the secrets of JADE HELM 15 in this special report: JADE HELM: DECODED.


JADE HELM: The NAZI style armband:


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