Ottawa Shooting False Flag: REASON = It’s the NEW CSIS BILL

Ottawa Shooting False Flag: REASON = It’s the NEW CSIS BILL


rom the latest video released by JeffC, an excellent video diary of how the False Flag Event unfolded in Ottawa. The CSIS minister claimed this was the day Canada will change. That is a very alarming statement to make prior to this event being concluded.

Canadians need to understand that during the G-8 G-20 in Toronto the only evidence innocent people had against the thugs that beat and mamed ordinary people on the streets, were their badge numbers, not to mention helpless peaceful protesters. The problem with those who could not convict the police thugs, who broke legs and arms was due to the fact they were not wearing identifying badges and patches to reveal who they were and what detachment they came from. Here in these videos we are witnessing a change in policy,  before this event has even unraveled.The CSIS minister in charge of Security measures is calling for Military and Police not to have to wear their uniforms in public as it may endanger them in public areas.

This should worry Canadians!!! The fact that unmarked cars and individuals can skulk the streets, spy and entrap all under the guise of being military or police, without identification is troubling. If you recall during the late 80’s and early 90’s individuals were wearing uniforms and claiming to be police. Measures were put in place that should you have a question as to who is pulling you over, you had a right to contact the local detachment to verify. These impostures were rapping women, molesting children as well as kidnapping and killing individuals.  The reason for the police identification is to 1. The Publics security in knowing they were who they claim to be. 2. To hold radical brutal out of control police accountable in the public realm.

If in fact this military fellas was murdered by the shooter, although sad it does not account to change all policies in Canada. If there ARE that many terrorist on our streets, that they should be so fearful, then the police & ministry are not doing their jobs. The pubic is in further danger by their disregard and negligence as to whom is allowed to enter the country. Why does the onus always fall upon the innocent citizens.

We have a real problem with the event as it unfolds and the laws that will follow. This is why the stance in claiming the event as a False Flag. We must consider the agenda resulting from the event. We MUST consider the fact that Ottawa was under pressure not to place a strict Security Measures Bill forward prior to this event. They pulled this event off in order to have the delegates who would vote on these measures scared and on board for the laws they had prior not agreed with. Please Canada recognize what this is. It is blackmail through fear, Terror Tactics.  Outright. This is ALARMING! YOU as a Canadian Should Be VERY Worried! Do Not Let The Law Breakers (lobbyists, criminal court system and rouge politicians for this New World Government) hold you hostage through FEAR. Take action and tell your representative you don’t approve.




Of course we always have to have the HERO:


Be afraid! Be VERY afraid but not of ISIS.

Truth in Plain Sight


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    the truth is good! October 26, 2014

    PLEASE don’t say it’s a FALSE FLAG!!you name an event if there are PEOPLE killed or get hurt!THE OTTAWA “SHOOTING”IS A HOAX!!!because it is now in CANADA you call it a FALSE FLAG!?!?!come on…nobody did die or got hurt!YOU ARE LYING TO THE TRUTHERS/PEOPLE…BECAUSE IT’S A HOAX!!just like sandy hook shooting hoax,boston hoax,the lax shooting hoax,the santa barbara shooting hoax,the kenya mall shooting hoax,the columbine shooting hoax,the las vegas shooting hoax,the batman shooting hoax,the seatlle shooting hoax,etc..etc…THE CANADA OTTAWA “SHOOTING”IS THE WORST HOAX EVERrrr even a person who isn’t a truther can see it!!!OH MY GOD…the 2 laughing cops..tells it ALL!!!(the bold cop and the cop with sunglasses!!)come jeff.c..there are people who don’t take this false flag CRAP!!from you!!and the ottawa channel!!YOU CALL EVERYTHING A HOAX!!(and that’s also true!!)WHY YOU CALL THIS 1000000000000% HOAX A false flag???????????????????????????????because it’s in CANADA?nobody did die or got hurt….100000000000000000000000000000% a HOAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    the truth is good! October 24, 2014

    IT’S a HOAX!!no FALSE FLAG!!why jeff.c it’s calling it a false flag?!?!very SRANGE!!100% a hoax!!!nobody did died,or got hurt!!CHECK:PEEKAY22 CHANNEL….jeff.c why do you call this one a false flag…???a little bit ALEX shill JONES talking buddy…i’m done with you jeff.c i don’t trust you anymore…this is 100% a hoax..NO FALSE FLAG..even a kid can see it’s a hoax!!and what about the other video from red pill philosophy…channel….he’s using almost you’re name..and his video is very SHILLY…he’s making fun of this hoax…he’s telling it isn’t a hoax…please respond to this guy or make a video about his video..SOMETHING’S STRANGE IS GOING ON….

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