Ottawa Shooting Witness Accounts: Contradictions Everywhere

Ottawa Shooting Witness Accounts: Contradictions Everywhere

Busted witnesses! No explanation. What they saw in contrast to the official narrative don’t match up. It’s not even close!

An independent investigation needs to be spearheaded.

The witnesses, at least most of them that I’ve reviewed, are in my estimation involved with this hoax. Their account of what they saw can only be the result of a set-up with every word scripted. Their recollection is blatantly inconsistent with one another and other accounts are flat out proven wrong based on the RCMP surveillance video. Can this be simple human error in the midst of a fight or flight stress response? I, for one, don’t think so.

Few examples:

1)       Which direction did the shooter go when he got back in his car after shooting Cpl Cirillo? “He went eastward”, says Joe Gollner, ex-military. “The shooter went in reverse”, says Giuseppe Valiante, ‎Parliamentary Correspondent with Sun Media. Really guys? One of you says east and the other says west? How is this possible when both of you had perfect unobstructed views? Joe was in his 8th floor office facing west located in the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. He had a view looking over the Rideau Canal, East Block and the War Memorial was to his left. Giuseppe Valiante was in front the War Memorial and his entire account includes seeing the car pull up in front of the Memorial until the shooter got in his car and eventually parked in front of East Block. East. West. Which way guys?

2)       Barry Willis, a utility worker working on Parliament Hill who also is ex-military says he had the gun pointed at him and witnessed the car hijacking. From his perspective, during the hijacking, the driver got out of the car and kneeled down. The shooter had the gun pointed to his head and thought he was going to get shot. The shooter reconsidered,  got in the car and drove towards Center Block. The driver remained kneeled well after the shooter drove off. The RCMP surveillance video shows NONE of this. You don’t see the shooter pointing the gun at anyone and you don’t see the driver kneeled down ever. You see him get out and SPRINT away!

RCMP Video:

start at 2min mark

3)       Great Levy, NDP Press Secretary is another example of an account that simply defies plausibility. She says was leaving Center Block when she realized something was wrong. Really? No one knew at that time anything was wrong (did someone tip her off?) but this is not the part of her account that garnered my full attention. She said that once she was out of the Center Block women up ahead yelled, “Get down on the ground!” Then she heard someone yell “Gun!” and she promptly dropped to the ground. Few seconds later she lifted her head and saw the gunman walk up the ramp leading to Center Block. That is total nonsense! He drove! Again, the same video that refutes Barry Willis’s account destroys her account of any Credibility.

Greta Levy interview:

start at 15second mark.
First Video in this article: RCMP video: go to 2min 40sec to see car drive up to Center Block.
There are more conflicting witness accounts but I think you get the picture. It only gets worse from here not better.


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    deven December 13, 2014

    Are these videos posted on facebook pages so people are forced to see them?

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