Our Occult City

Our Occult City


A video series of various places in and around Montreal, Quebec Canada. Well worth the time to view these amazing videos.

Arron from PoliceStateRadio and Justin Bryant of the OttawaExpositor take us around a few locations within Montreal.¬† A casual walk, to view and discuss the many occult signs and symbols, many over look each and every day within the city. Not only showing but explaining their symbolic meanings and hidden language within the Architecture of the locations. This is an excellent expose on the “Hidden in Plan Sight” meme. Many are not aware of what they are seeing and worshiping under the veneer of supposed good. Through commercial as well as religious¬†iconography we are bombarded by these satanic signs and symbols constantly, while the public silently condone their unknown meanings. Enjoy the trip and please leave comments of encouragement if you enjoy the content of the video.

Our Occult City | Mary Queen of the World Cathedral ~ Montreal


Our Occult City | St Patrick’s Basilica ~ Montreal

Our Occult City vol i ~ Christ Church Cathedral


Our Occult City vol ii ~ The CBC 6 Building | Montreal

WhiteRabbits Occult City:


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