Our Special Guest – Original Whistle Blower Joe Banister

Our Special Guest – Original Whistle Blower Joe Banister


We are proud to present Mr. Joe Banister for our “Resistance Round Table” on November 11, 2014. As a day of Remembrance we need to take a step back and recall Mr. Bannister’s courage as an original Whistle Blower regarding the IRS.

Tuesday Nov. 11, 2014 @ 8pm EST MaxResistance and Brian Roberts will bring on his good friend Joe Banister from Freedom Above Fortune. Joe Banister is a former Special IRS Agent who quit his job after learning the average person is not libel to pay any income tax! Joe was featured in Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism along with Ron Paul in 2006.

Joseph R. (Joe) Banister, a former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent who learned of serious constitutional questions relating to the federal income tax and the federal banking and monetary systems. Mr. Banister’s expertise in the fields of accounting, finance, taxation, and law enforcement enabled him to not only understand these issues but realize that he could play a role in bringing the issues into the public arena for analysis and debate.

Joe’s Website: http://www.freedomabovefortune.com/

Watch Film Here:

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