Paris Jackson, the daughter of pop legend Michael Jackson, appears to be aware of a lot of things but her life took a turn for the worse in the past months. On June 5, the 15 year old entered UCLA Medical Center (the same hospital where her father died) after a suicide attempt as she reportedly “cut her wrists with a kitchen knife and took as many as 20 ibuprofen tablets.” It was then reported that Paris actually “didn’t want to die” as she was simply “looking for attention”. Odd.

On July 13th, Paris was released from the hospital but was transferred to an “undisclosed residential treatment center” – one that was recommended by her doctors. She is therefore still under tight surveillance because, according to People magazine: “The feeling is that Paris is still a danger to herself.” Why is she still a “danger to herself” is she did this for “attention”? Things are unclear. Is there MK programming going on there?

One thing is for sure, Paris is definitely aware of the dark side of the entertainment industry. Through her Twitter account, she was looking to “educate” her fans know about it. Here are some of the tweets posted on her verified Twitter and Instagram accounts (most of them were however deleted since then). Video by 103thedestroyer


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    Wildrhody February 22, 2014


    A song was played during this video. PLEASE read this archived article by the ADL, written in 1996, which had to do with the song, and the words that Michael Jackson was supposed to have removed, but didn’t.

    Then, as we all know…they can’t let a good crisis go to waste, AND as the above ADL article shows, they may have been seeking revenge!! Here’s a sample of two headlines, when Michael Jackson had been arrested for child molestation. It’s an excellent read, but these words sent chills down my spine, knowing he was probably vengefully set up.

    “Newspapers reacted just as hysterically as TV stations. ‘Sicko!’ shrieked the New York Daily News. ‘Jacko: Now Get Out Of This One’ goaded the New York Post.”

    Jacko: Now Get Out of This One???!!!! What’s that supposed to mean?!

    Also this…

    “Within two days of the Neverland raid, and before Jackson had even been arrested, VH1 announced a half-hour documentary called ‘Michael Jackson Sex Scandal’.”

    We know who owns the media, which would clearly seem to indicate who is behind the EL-luminati.

    Lastly, the letters Appono Astos contain the name Satan.

    I think Jackson was set up!

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    2dogarage February 21, 2014

    Her last twitter posting was June 4 2013

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    johnfarmingdale February 21, 2014

    Thanks for the video.

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    AVeDoN February 21, 2014

    My heart goes out to this young woman. What a sad situation. You just know…that all sorts of ‘people’ would like to profit from her last name. More than likely, her father tried to tell her what was what, and about the darkness she was potentially facing. With him out of the way, a path was cleared for her to begin to make some money, if she would only play ball… Doesn’t seem like she was overly co-operative, ending up in hospital and all. Probably, barring some miracle, she’s been broken, but if not, she’ll remain a ‘threat to herself’ forever.

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