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Alright, I made a couple of mistakes,one was the date I mentioned & the other was saying F.D.A. instead E.P.A.
Other than that, please listen carefully to this conversation & from what I got after playing it back, was the fact that she dished her own work place!! This must go viral people…..God bless everyone…..
Also, after listening to this, it sounds like they know nothing about anything It would be nice to know if the other E.P.A. offices are saying this crap too!! I could not believe the non sense coming from this
place. Here’s a thought, guess who front’s their pay checks?????
Anyway, I made this call & going to move on to another place to call. I love you all & be safe. Remember what that woman just said, IT’S KILLING ALL OF OUR TREE’S & ECT…..


Comment: Obviously the E.P.A. is not in fact an Environmental Protection Agency.

The Environmental Protection Agency ruled to allow higher amounts of the herbicide glyphosate, made by genetically modified foods leader Monsanto, in American oilseed and food crops. A number of studies have linked glyphosate exposure to cancer, Parkinson’s disease and infertility. What makes us think the E.P.A. would have our best interests in mind regarding heath issues resulting from Chemtrails, GMO’s or Geoengineering of any type.

While regulations for the average individual is increasing substantially for the average citizen, corporate interest are the EPS’s only concern.
We believe its time for these organizations who will not do what their intended purpose is, we need to eliminate there bureaucracy and close them down.  When an organization is not in the best interests of the public or consumer, while riding in the pockets of the highest bidder disregarding their mandated tasks, then SHUT THEM DOWN.
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Yet Under the Guise of Environmental safety safety and protection they will mandate this nonsense.


In Michigan, a particular community is taking swabs of your pets saliva to track when they poop on the grass!! This is getting “Out Of Hand” people!!

Local Michigan communities are tired of picking up after residents pets. To combat this issue they now enforce DNA swabs of your pets saliva, to determine who’s poop is who’s!!



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