Photoshopped MH 370 Maylasian Flight Deception

Photoshopped MH 370 Maylasian Flight Deception

I tried to explain the best I could with the video but if you still dont understand:
Think of it this way…the pic of the cockpit with the guy is real.
The pics of the girls are real BUT are pasted over the picture of the cockpit with the guy to make it appear real, although it IS NOT!
This is exactly what they done with the pictures from the Sandy Hook hoax.
This woman is lying and has been paid/blackmailed into saying this to make the pilot and copilot look like they just let anyone in the cockpit and that’s what could have happened here. BS!
The other pics of the girls with the copilot are fake also but harder for me to explain how. To me its obvious I guess because I understand how photoshop works.
Check out this tutorial which shows how it is done:…
maybe that will help understand.
Lastly notice how poor quality the pictures are, that is done on purpose (they degrade the quality) to make it look more believable and hide any blemishes that would make it look bad.


The Circus Continues:


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