Planned Perversion: Hidden Cameras Catch Creeps Counseling Your Kids

Planned Perversion: Hidden Cameras Catch Creeps Counseling Your Kids
Some of what you are about to see will anger, disgust, and/or enrage…..
You will not believe what these people caught on HIDDEN CAMERA…
The government (Common Core-Planned Parenthood) has plans for your little ones….oh yes, they have plans…
Please Share (especially to people with kids in public school)

Stay informed with your Child’s sex education programs. They are sexualizing your children at a very early age. They now want to begin this sorted education as early as pre-school or kindergarten. There is no reason for this!

The “Common Core” Agenda or Methods are Common to the Core, more like it. They are destroying morality in all schools. The long term agenda is to allow a lowering of age consent, for your children. So perversions can be brought upon your children and because they will be deemed educated they then will be of a legal age to consent, the push is to lower the age of consent to begin first at 9-12 yrs and then as education becomes more prevalent the age will lower again, possibly much younger. Your children at age 9 are not capable of actually making a well informed non fear based decision to stop someone from raping them. The courts will deem the child is educated and of age of consent so forced sex (through bullying) will be allowable without prosecution. Get ready for them to take your parental rights and you kids will decide what is best for them. They will be able to consent to vaccines, sex and whatever else strange and peculiar they decide. Its coming!



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