Pope Francis ~ Peace Doves Attacked.. Really?


The way the media described this incident it was as though they were speaking of a completely different NONHAPPENING!!!
Prophetic Sign? Pope Francis Releases Peace Dove and Black Crow Attacks Instantly!

In this age of deception, do you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear?

While we continue to witness the events of the world at apparent war, should we fall for the contrived events
being manufactured by who knows who?

Seeing the Pope and the children from the Ukraine release the doves of the papalcey via the air apparent “vicer of Christ”, can
we decern the scewed view being presented? They would have you believe thier is war in the works and that world events are based
on doves in the balance. Common sense dictates we look at stories like this in a logical manner, as well as viewing the actual event
on video should be manditory. We are quick to fall for the mysterious circumstances without delving into the facts of the actual event.
We want to feel it within us that things are not right, thus we revert to supersitions and mystical inbalances.


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    Daisy March 08, 2014

    Well, Police StateRadio in a way you are right, I looked threw the web but I only get “still” shots, but no live vid… verry odd. And oddly enough all major News Papers here in Germany such as Spiegel, Süddeutsche, Stern etc. brought this story and showed the same still photos. Thanks for the hint!
    In conclusion this can only be a predictive programming!
    Ohh btw here in Europe Seagulls are or can get verry “aggressive”, there are a lot of photos were Seagulls attacke and steal food from wallking by passengers.

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