Predictive programing – Agenda 21 – Ebola

Predictive programing – Agenda 21 – Ebola

The predictive programing for Agenda 21 and Ebola is everywhere. The more reveal this the more you will recognize what their game is, to prepare you to accept there is nothing you can do, or the new vaccines agenda. That is what predictive programing embeds in your minds.

This is what they are doing to us… it’s all out in the open and “hard hitting and in your face!” (Christopher GREENE)


CDC says a nurse tending Tim Duncan (TED) while he was in Isolation was wearing the CDC required protective gear but contracted Ebola anyway. Says there was a breach of protocol! However they do not indicate how the protocols were breached.

A Dallas health care worker who provided care for the Ebola patient who died there last week tested positive for the deadly virus, and sent health officials scrambling Sunday to determine the “breach in protocol” that resulted in her infection. Fast tracked vaccine is on the way!


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