Problem, Reaction, Solution – Order Out Of Chaos

Problem, Reaction, Solution – Order Out Of Chaos

PROBLEM: Tell the public your country is in dire trouble,  due to the decrease in young workers. Explain your country has an aging population leaving the workforce. Explain to your country,  industry and jobs will not be able to be manned in the very near future.
– (after extensive population control and 2 child propaganda, planned parenthood, abortion & birth control)

REACTION: Tell the population they need to increase their work force by allowing immigration in mass. Push the talking points that without a driving workforce the economy will suffer and the nation will have to be excessively taxed to make up the shortfall. They will demand the immigration.
– (no nation wants to see an increase in taxes, thus an increase in by way of immigration will be televised as a wonderful economic alternative)

SOLUTION: Then introduce the idea that the PROBLEM can be solved by allowing an increased influx into your nation and all its woes will be fixed.
-(Push the propaganda hard within your nation, that due to increased immigration your nations economy is increasing and press the population to continue to increase immigrant access to your jobs) (Its imperative you propagandize your nation into allowing diversity under the humanitarian banner)

RESULT: By the time your population realizes, through decisive and the continuous flow of immigration the reality of job scarcity will be recognized by the native population, and to late to act upon. When the reality is realized by the native population that their cultural identity has been taken over and laws are being circumvented. Create WAR and flood those countries with even more immigrants. It is important that you assist the natives mindset by way of emotional impact their country must accept refugees in order to appear sympathetic to the refugee plight.

Create a New PROBLEM: Distract the native population by creating a war to begin a massive population migration out of faction regions into your countries. This will allow excessive over saturation of your countries resources. This unexpected influx will bankrupt the nations and allow the New World ORDER out of Chaos to transpire.


This is a map of the current immigration camps into Germany and surrounding regions. You are witnessing the destruction of nations by a flooded invasion of supposed refugees from Syria.

immigration camp map


Massive uncontrolled immigration is devastating independent countries.

This problem is by design. Overwhelm the citizens of Europe with massive immigration of young fighting age men between the ages of 18-35.


Wrap this created immigration under the banner of humanitarianism then encourage the politicians to sell it to their countries under the guise of life or death circumstances for families, women and children’s salvation from death.

Media must only show small children in distress to encourage countries to continue to allow the flood of refugees. You must pull on the heartstrings of your nation to allow the massive migration to flood in.


Create a rush of migration of immigrants from various nations outside of the refugee scope. Create conflict among the accepting nations of this massive influx, so much so they begin to fight among themselves as they assist in extracting the large unwanted numbers, from their own nations. Push the migration keep them moving day and night.

NOTICE: At approx: 4:11 on the above video the guy who has on a Mylar covering. You can see he has a shield blanket from heat sensors. At 4:39 there is a package with a heat shield on it.  There are several other anomalies within that video of the refugee night surge.

Encourage the migrants to leave a path of destruction behind them. Why? To allow for their goals to be meet and transportation to continue for them to move further NORTH into developed nations. The goal is to overwhelm Europe with immigrants, so much so that North America will be called to action to accept the massive migration as well.

Austrian Town of 1,600 Drowns in Migrant Feces and Garbage

Nickelsdorf, Austria is drowning in migrant feces and garbage in unparalleled dimensions.
There is trash everywhere.
garbage migrants germany

The migrants leave their trash as they move through the area on their way to Germany.
german migrant garbage

Locals are faced with piles of trash and feces as the migrants move through town.
garbage migrants

Infamous Migrant ‘Jungle Camp’ Swells Out of Control, France Begged to Bring in Army

Yesterday the Eurotunnel was closed because migrants had stormed the tunnel.

Their dire warning came as one French official admitted his government does “not know what comes next”.



The Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, is so worried she has demanded the French Government provides a permanent army presence in her besieged town.

UKIP MEP Mike Hookem said: “The Jungle exists as a camp for people who are planning to break the law by getting illegally into Britain – this wouldn’t be allowed for any other crime so why are we allowing it in Calais?

“The camps are dominated by criminal gangs and we know that Islamic State fighters have infiltrated the camps, ready to spread their hatred and violence in Britain.

“On top of that, crime in Calais and other northern towns has gone up, I know from experience that there are guns in these camps and the reports about the sexual abuse of women there is shocking.”

Calais-camp-307028 JUNGLE 1 JUNGLE2 JUNGLE3


Mob of Afghans attack new arrivals at over-crowded Lesbos camp with sticks as Europe’s worsening weather and tighter border controls force more migrants to head for Greece

Berkasovo in Serbia, as they try to continue their journey north in their search for a better life in Western Europe.

  • Dozens of new arrivals to an over-crowded refugee camp in Lesbos were attacked with sticks by a mob of Afghans
  • Violence erupted as Greek authorities revealed the country had witnessed a surge in migrant arrivals in recent days
  • Fears about Europe’s worsening weather and tighter border controls have caused more migrants to head for Greece
  • The UN refugee agency said it had registered a clear ‘spike in arrivals’ that left some 27,500 packed on Greek islands

Ugly scenes: Violence erupted at an over-crowded refugee camp in Lesbos today as dozens of new arrivals were attacked by a mob of Afghans wielding sticks (pictured)Fighting: Sticks were used as weapons and punches thrown as thousands continued to arrive in makeshift rafts and boats to flee conflict in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countriesThe UN refugee agency said it had registered a clear 'spike in arrivals' that left some 27,500 packed on Greek islands by Tuesday morning

One of the biggest challenges, officials warned, was to convince refugees to accept transfers to countries other than top picks Germany, Sweden and Austria.

Thousands of migrants are continuing to arrive in makeshift rafts and boats to flee conflict in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries

Emotional journey: A Syrian refugee woman is pictured breaking into tears after arriving at a beach on the island of Lesbos on Tuesday


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