Proof – James Foley – Is Alive!

Proof – James Foley – Is Alive!

Video Description: Films censored from YouTube.

We previously showed evidence that James Foley is ALIVE (why wouldn’t he be?), and again in the US. The fact that Foley is currently paying his phone bills under his nickmane – in his USA hometown – should finally clinch that EVERYTHING “SITE Intelligence Group” has put out (or ever will), is a total FRAUD.

Foley’s connection to a CIA front has already been shown. Here, we delve into the previous mystery of Katie Foley – alleged sister of headless James – and find a startling new connection. Little wonder that this connection ALSO was not mentioned at all in the government-controlled media!

Foley’s faked beheading was the template for numerous other stupidly faked beheadings – and now a digital ‘burning man in a cage’ cartoon animation. The media sucks up this propaganda trash, and readily re-broadcasts it with almost NO criticism. Then, YouTube censors almost all of the thuth about it that they can.

The fake blood was a few bucks a gallon. And just as with the fake Boston Marathon bombing, the corporate warmongers no doubt saw it as a cheap investment.……

The “Chemical Weapons Attack” in Syria was also confirmed FAKE:……

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