Proof Police Staged Elliot Rodger Crime Scene

Proof Police Staged Elliot Rodger Crime Scene


ts becoming clear the sites and witnesses seem compromised. Crime Scenes cleaned up by 7-11 workers, staged placement of a bike being put into the closed supposedly controlled crime scene.

Watching the witnesses with strange tales that don’t add up, while questionable statements by parents and political proponents of gun control. They are pushing an agenda on gun control yet have seemed to forget there were victims of stabbings that fall far short of the Media coverage. Names being withheld who were stabbed.

Lets not mention the hard push and over acting on the part of one parent to fully get control of your guns and rights. They were fast to make connections with the Sandy Hook Hoax event as being a benchmark to follow and pursue to take guns. Moments after the alleged incident, this parent became a media whore and front line face for touting the agenda lines.

This may well be a real incident with real victims however the means are staged and fabricated to meet its end. Keep in mind we don’t put it past our government, in order to get their directive they would not hesitate to kill innocent individuals along the way. Evidence is apparent to this fact from the 9-11 atrocity.


Compromised Crime Scene:


roof the Police staged the crime scene related to the Elliot Rodger case. There is clear evidence the bike that was not apparent during the evening of May 23, 2014 is now being touted in the Mainstream media as being on the scene. It was not on the scene and the bike was planted at a later time to create dramatization regarding the crime. Hype and a large amount of media coverage was placed on the dramatic scene of the bike or rider being hit on the spot. However further investigation of previous pictures proves the bike in question was not present.


Witness discrepancies:


Original Police Reports Another Suspect In Custody:


Blood Splatter Evidence:


Media Whoring:


Multiple Gunmen: Police Radio Band stating 2 Suspects with 2 Gunshot wounds.


News Story Describing Two Suspects:

Santa Barbara Independent


 Previous Story:

Cruisin’ With Elliot


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