Proof that Chemtrails Are 100% Real

Proof that Chemtrails Are 100% Real


nother highly recommended Youtube Channel Crow777
Crow777 has an amazing channel showing many things happening in our skies that you may not be aware of. He painstakingly spends hours to record, film, magnify and edit so many events happening right above our heads. So heads up and watch his channel. You will be amazed. He presents the material in a methodical, logical investigative manner.


Video Description:

If you do not yet understand that chemtrail are real, you need to watch this clip. Chemtrails are not conspiracy and people need to understand the facts because we all breath air – and as you read this thousands of tons of aerosol are being sprayed into the atmosphere worldwide!



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    Timbobway October 28, 2014

    Crrow is a good guy who does his own pain staking work. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects of chemtrails, the Moon, and other subjects pertaining to the sun.

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    Kissem Mi Assi October 28, 2014

    Great job; Thank you!

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    Gunluver 63 10/10/10 October 28, 2014

    Hi fellow truthers ,I’ve been forwarding info to my contact list. Daemon Mailer will not let me forward info. I now I am marked. Brother and Sister will not contact me. One brother and other are rats. I guess there still drinking the coolaid My wife and kid’s think I’m crazy. I guess I’ll just keep in the Shadows. I live in Edmonton Alberta .A chosen one has been elected in a by election. So I wonder what they have planned for us Goim. Mandatory Ebolla vaccination is my “REDLINE” OIH. HA,HA,HA.

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