Resistance Round Table March 08, 2016

Resistance Round Table March 08, 2016


Show Title: 20th Anniversary Dunblane Massacre

Our Guest: Photoviapops

We welcome photoviapops who has taken an in-depth look at the various similarities of the Newtown Sandy Hook School shooting to that of the Dunblane Massacre. On this the up-coming 20th anniversary of the March 13th 1996 Dunblane School Shooting. Photoviapops joins us to review the interesting perspective’s on laws / legislation and cover-ups involved with the Dunblane school that mirror’s those we find with the Sandy Hook School shooting.

The amazing similarities will make you take note of the near identical testimonies given and story layout between Sandy Hook School shooting and the Dunblane Massacre. Listen while she gives us an inside view into what occurred during the Dunblane events after 20 years of lies.

Photoviapops joined us just after her last #3 series and has now gone onto make 9th and will possibly put out the 10th in this important insight into events in Dunblane.

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Please tune in and enjoy.
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    the truth is good! August 27, 2014

    why is the full lenght from over 2 hours round table video from 26 august-2014 not anymore on you tube?(it’s now 15 min)max resistance channel…………….:(

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      UpNorthOfThe49th August 27, 2014

      We have the full Round Table On archived at the bottom of the page by date. You can watch the whole show there.

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