Rigged Reality Radio (Full Show) 6/26/2014

Rigged Reality Radio (Full Show) 6/26/2014



Host:KJ Ozborne
Special Guests: Gorilla199 & Lyn Leahz

Scariest Movie Ever shares his radio show. Interviewing others as MaxResistance does uniting other youtube channels to share their insight into the projects they are working on. Please tune in on Thursday evenings. Consult ScariestsChannel for times.

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Lyn Leahz



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    Mr. Frequency November 28, 2016

    KJ Ozborne spoke about the Black Goo.
    This was also ‘demon’strated in a Star Trek TNG Season 1 Episode. where Picard, Riker, Data & Troi encountered an entity which sucked Riker down into it, and prevented the crew from leaving the desolate planet the entity was stranded on (left behind by alien colonists who were abused by the same)
    The Bush Family & SAngela Merkel are said to have bought neighboring properties to one another in either Paraguay or Peru, next to a Black Goo deposit….

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