Rocco Galati – lawsuit against the Bank of Canada

Rocco Galati – lawsuit against the Bank of Canada


The next hearing will take place Wednesday, October 14, 2015, at the Federal Court Building, 180 Queen Street West (one block west of University Ave.). Space has been booked for the whole day (5.5 hours).

You are encouraged to attend and to be there by 9 a.m. Seating is limited. A good attendance will reflect a serious interest in this lawsuit.

This hearing could prove particularly important and should be extremely interesting. For further information, go to the Federal Court website and enter the court number T-2010-11 to get the file.
Reminder to click on the COMER page for updates.

Video Description:

Colourful and controversial. Rocco Galati isn’t your average advocate. He’s a kind of legal David, known for tangling with Goliath-sized courtroom opponents. His peers seem to approve. Electing him to the bench that oversees them. His latest case may his most contentious of his career.

FINALLY the Canadian Mainstream Media is covering the case of the COMER lawsuit.

Rocco Galati explains the outline of the lawsuit to re-instate our intern PUBLIC Bank of Canada. Galati is correct based on our constitutional law, we (Canada) as a sovereign nation are entitled to issue our own currency outside of the private banks such as the International Bank of Settlements (Private Central Banks) to our government free of interest.

The response from the Canadian Government as well as the International Bank of Settlements says the COMER case is frivolous and unfounded. These are term both Media and Political advocated for private banks throw out to the public conversation to misdirect Canadians into believing this is a non-issue to pursue on their behalf. However the Canadian people should be outraged and insulted to be misdirected and ill informed on our Public Rights to our own Public Bank.


With great efforts by the Canadian Action Party, institutions like COMER, and a host of alternative news outlets in Canada. Many Canadians are becoming more and more aware about the the biggest robbery in Canadian history. A robbery that still continues to this very day, with 170 million dollars being stolen from us everyday.

For those of you who are still unaware of this crime, here is a great video explaining the robbery


Video Description:

WAKE UP Canada … Canadians need to realize that they too are living with the same type of Federal Reserve private banking fraud. This is a great overview of Canadian banking and a clear explanation of how the international private banking cartel hijacked Canada in 1974 by taking control of the issuance of money. This private banking cartel and has been robbing Canada blind ever since, and has currently put Canadians into $500 Billion dollars of debt. The debt is actually the compound interest accumulated by borrowing this printed money from the private banking cartel. Canada, like the US, and like all countries does NOT need private banks to issue it’s nation’s currency … countries can print their own money interest-free. Credit for this video….


Exposing Corporate and Government Tyranny…

12-Year Old Child Reveals One of the Best Kept Secrets in the World

Video Description:

12-year old exposes the immorality of the global banking system and why sound money is essential to freedom and stopping the spread of misery on this planet.




The Bank was instituted, the projects decided while Canada developed as a Confederate Nation. The projects included The Trans Canada Highway, The St. Lawrence Sea Way, and The Canadian National Railway. This kept all provinces busy working as well as distributing the currency among the people to use in trade and purchasing.

Insurance and trust companies were developed for insured loans for real estate, they dominated mortgage lending until 1954 when Canadian banks were allowed to loan money on real estate. It is my understanding many of the Canadian wartime housing for vets, received loans through the Bank of Canada interest free in order to assure the vets a house and property for their service.

Currency released on the day the Bank of Canada opened for business on 11 March, 1935, the first bank notes to be issued by the Bank of Canada did have royals on the bills. Their first bank note series was not actually designed by the Bank, but designed by security printers under consultation with the federal government.

At the time of issue, Canada’s public self-identity was still tied to the British Empire. Its independent spirit was not yet prevalent in its money which featured classical imagery of a style that would not have been out of place in the 19th century.

Prior to the 1980s, keeping inflation low was the main priority of the Bank of Canada. In the early 1970s, the fractional-reserve banking rules of Canada were changing, so that the Bank of Canada could no longer dictate the amount of fiat currency reserves that Canadian (private) chartered banks must own. Since that time, the fractional-reserve currency reserves of Canada’s chartered banks have been internal corporate bank policy.

Prior to the 80’s Canadians had a self reliant Bank based on Canada’s actual valued worth and mineral wealth. Notably stolen from the Canadian people by Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who’s son is currently running for the next Prime Minister of Canada.

God Help Canada If Justin Trudeau Is Elected.


COMER vs Bank Of Canada Hearing Oct. 14, 2015


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    Stan November 18, 2016

    Update on the COMER vs. BOC case On Wednesday, December 7, 2016 the case will be heard at the Federal Court of Appeal, 180 Queen Street West, Toronto.

    COMER’s lawyer, constitutional expert Rocco Galati, strongly recommends that we be there by

    9:00 am to avoid entering late and annoying the three (3) Federal Appeal Court Justices

    What else we can do now to support this Action:

    1 -Make plans to attend

    2 -Contact the media and inform them that this 5th Hearing is taking place and tell them exactly where and when.
    3-Encourage as many people to attend as you can – even if they are able simply to

    drop by for some of the time – demonstrating an interest in the proceedings will be

    a valuable contribution

    another way to show your support is making a valuable contribution

    Donate to Support the Lawsuit Against the Government of Canada
    Donations can be made by cheque made out to COMER. Please specify LAWSUIT on the memo line
    Cheques should be sent to:

    COMER c/o Ann Emmett
    83 Oakwood Avenue
    Toronto, ON M6H 2V9

    check out

    please pass this information to your friends

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    Stan October 14, 2015

    Published on Oct 14, 2015 by Lawrence McCurry

    Comer Vs. BOC Oct 2015
    Oct 14, 2015 In yet another round of appeals the government has moved to strike the amended statement of claim in the COMER vs. Bank of Canada law suit. At this point the government is desperately stalling because it does not want this case heard. Prominent constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati Stood up to these tactics today and is steadfast in his determination to see this case though to the end

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    Edward J. September 12, 2015

    I do not agree with your assertion that the mainstream media is finally covering this/the case.

    So let me get this straight: a 101 year-old man, with the help of one of, if not THE top constitutional lawyer in this country, takes the Queen of England, the Finance Minister and the Bank of Canada to court – and this is not front page news across the country?

    Aside from a piece in the Star back in March, since the case was last in court in Jan of this year, we roughly have had a couple opinion pieces, an Ottawa-based am radio broadcast interview with Mr. Galati (by Montreal NDP Candidate Anne Lagace Dowson) and, while the above program is needed and appreciated, The Exchange is hardly ‘mainstream news’ or regular viewing for the typical Canadian.

    This issue has enormous implications to Canada and the globe, and given the election, it is more than conspicuous that it has not been covered at least a dozen times. In fact, most Canadians have no idea of the BOC’s function or especially that they, as citizens of this country, have been robbed, or the potential for our economic collapse because of it.

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th September 13, 2015

      I stand corrected Ed you are 100% right. It is not front page and we have to share far and wide. Effect did cause this broadcast of the Exchange to at least get out. Canadians need to share this information or no one will hear a word of it. Thanks you for your passion on the topic. Everyone needs to attach articles and videos regarding the case to Twitter, fb and all social media. Make it go viral. NOW!!!

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