Russell Brand EXPOSED!! Fabian Socialist Freemason NWO Gatekeeper 33

Russell Brand EXPOSED!! Fabian Socialist Freemason NWO Gatekeeper 33

Video Description:

The truth movement has been infiltrated. Short Documentary.
If you don’t already think that then you have accepted a lie. Don’t play the game. Don’t cause chaos, only for the new order to emerge from it.

Just your average gatekeeping, satanic, NWO, Rothschild, Fabian Socialist agent…

Russell Brand who is currently courting the Rothschilds / Goldsmith family agenda and relative. He has been put in place to control and brainwash the youth into believing the rich do care.

Absolutely an excellent report by JeffC of FreeRadioRevolution on the Branding of Russell Brand and what Brand truly stands for.

Read More Here: Russell Brand the Voice for Alternative Media, Rothschild Agent

Setting the Agenda for the New Age Jesus – Russell Brand

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Brand believes ‘profit is filthy word’ and insists that he favours ‘a socialist egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth.

The new Messiah who promotes “Do As Thou Will”, with a colored past and questionable present, offering moral degradation for the future. He is the Brand and the example for our children to follow.

Sounds great on the surface, question is “Whats in it for HIM”? We can only imagine.



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  1. Avatar
    Sam April 22, 2016

    Controlled opposition
    I suppose the fact that he doesn’t do anything real. He didn’t reveal his Fabian connections (Jemima, Hari). The fact that he said don’t vote and then turned round and said vote labour. The fact that he was dressed as the child catcher in the 2012 Olympics,…
    Like the Green’s he’s led people astray to take their minds off the real power and real issues. The Rothshilds are never mentioned, yet they own everyting, all the banks, are behind all the wars.
    That global warming doens’t exist (Invented by the CIA-Snowden)(Watch’ The Cloud Mystery- Svensmark)
    Why does he never talk about how we are being controlled, the Smart meter agenda and much more
    He’s just a lot of hot air

  2. Avatar
    Frances Elaine Leader December 30, 2014

    In September Russell Brand was in love, or so he said, with Jemima Khan, ex pal of Lady Diana & known elitist. Since then she has mysteriously disappeared. Her tweets have become inane parodies of those she used to post. Now she talks of seeing shooting stars…. Meanwhile Russell is on MSM calling for Revolution. Adds up to one thing to me. He is under the control of the predators who are threatening his lady-love, they may even have kidnapped her, this sort of behaviour is hardly new to them is it? He will dance to their tune & he is clearly doing just that. They want a riot to justify martial law before we get right into the depths of the paedophilia at the top of this stinking country of ours. They know that as soon as we know the real truth about the banksters, the robbery of the world’s gold, the vile weapons that they are using against us from chemtrails to GMOs & fracking…. we will be so enraged that revolution is inevitable. Poor Russell, will be a fall guy. They will murder him if we don’t kick off onb schedule. Just my personal intuition, you understand. I am an Essex girl & I know phoney when I see it.

  3. Avatar
    louise December 16, 2014

    He’s one of the few people to stand up for us why then try to vilify him

  4. Avatar
    tracy December 15, 2014

    What a load of useless argument , sound desperate to crucify this guy ……… For what is his crime ? He’s a comedian ffs … Taking the piss out of those who take everything from us !!!!!
    Empty your closet in public ???
    Mmmmm think about it !!!!!

    • Avatar
      Elethio December 16, 2014

      Completely agree with Tracy, what a steaming pile of shit this video is!

      You cannot claim someone to be a member of the Illuminati (or whatever) simply because you want them to be, you need to take a step back, re analyze your evidence with a critical eye and only present that which is fact, and not foaming at the mouth speculation.
      Because I tell you now, you have turned off more people to the idea that Brand is part of some conspiracy, than you have turned on to it.

      So what in your video did hold water?

      1. The masonic handshake – suspicious but not conclusive.
      2. The 33 tattoo – again suspicious but not conclusive.
      3. Dating Katie Perry – slightly suspicious but definitely not conclusive.

      And what did you not show?

      4. The fact that Brand is asking people not to vote. – why is this important? because it is the one action he has taken that is damaging.

      You are right in saying Brand holds a lot of influence and speaks a lot of truth, and this is something sorely needed in this country, example – his confrontation with that journalist was spot on, we are not short of sleazy journos with attitude in this country, but we are short on Journo’s who will ask the right questions like “what is the government doing about social housing?”.

      I am not throwing out your contentions completely, Brand could be working to some kind of agenda of the establishment to stop people voting, but i am not certain of that, and I am not convinced that this “agenda of his” is any thing more than a misguided ideal.

      You would be wise next time you through out speculations on what is happening in another country, to get the opinions of a few of the people who live their first, because there is often a LOT of subtext you will miss.

    • Avatar
      jrs December 31, 2014

      Agreed this article offers no proof whatsoever

    • Avatar
      roy thegoy December 17, 2014

      yes and also, it’s not as if he’s called for violence.. he has called for a sort of quiet revolution.. for everybody just to stop what they are doing and demand the elite to distribute the wealth more evenly.. I think they would rather waste most of the population of the earth with WW3 and then control the leftovers after the dust settles.. they have 100 million dollar bunkers in the desert in Israel and America.. fuckin Zionist Ashkenazi “jews” in the federal reserve, goldman sachs ect ect, overseen by these rothschilds.. funding all sides in war to strengthen their countries, then loaning them more money to rebuild after the destruction.. they are trying to control the earth and have taken over America.. the tribe that was expelled from 110 – 130 cities and nations throughout European history, have taken over the upper echelons of American banking, military and media.. don’t laugh this off.. they believe it is their destiny to rule over the inferior goyim.. they want their “promised land” that is from the Nile to the Euphrates.. we were not just over there to steal the oil, we were over there wasting israels enemies for it.. clearing the way for the greater Israel project.. anti-Semite is an old line.. that tag is for the ones who notice Talmudic behaviour is racist and evil and it is also used to fool the world in to thinking that they are actually semitic in the first place.. the Palestinians are true semitic people.. the ethnic cleansing hated ones from Europe are the real anti-Semites.. Israel did 9/11.. google the 5 dancing Israelis and read of the jews who were filming and celebrating the planes hitting on.. read about their arrest and being released 10 weeks later by Michael chertov (dual Israeli citizen Talmudic Zionist jew) head of American homeland security. read about them being on an Israeli talk show after chertov sent them quietly back to the stolen lands.. when they were asked why they wee there that day filming, they said “we were there to document the event”.. the “war on terror” is an evil scam and the media is lying to us.. 95% of American media is owned by them for instance.. anyway, peace and love.

      • Avatar
        Robert B. January 27, 2015

        You sound like a complete wacko… Unfortunately, you are telling the truth.

        • Avatar
          Darren February 20, 2015

          The only thing more wacky than “conspiracy theories” is the belief that authorities can do no wrong.

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