Russian Missile Launch Shot Down

Russian Missile Launch Shot Down


he latest missile launch a Proton-M Rocket with advanced Satellite systems on board was evidently shot down. Video footage shows something peculiar hitting the rocket system in flight. 




e discerning on this whole event. When we consider this rocket launch area being out of Kazakhstan it changes the whole view of the situation the mainstream news is trying to build up to. It is evident something did go towards the missile. It is apparent the build up and stated investigation will reveal the findings as something was shot at the rocket. Please consider when looking at the information given by this so called investigation and visual footage the location of the launch.

The launch happening out of Kazakhstan is significant as Kazakhstan is the seat of the New World Order. The city of Astana is the NWO headquarters on the European Continent. Investigation of Astana and Kazakhstan in general has shown these are the Kazar Jews (those who say they are Jews and are not) who control the area and are building up to have Astana be their World Headquarters.

I believe there is a deception about to be launched (excuse the pun) on the public in regard to this shoot down. Here is the reason I feel they will build on this event to sway the possible Russian people into demonizing the American people more. They will claim America shot down their rocket and the Americans are responsible for the demise of their efforts. The Main Stream has focused on this event on all channels of news.  Bringing in the RT reporters and many other nations to comment on the sudden failure of the launch and really building on the event in social media. The second possible deception might well be the Alien Agenda in which they will conclude there are aliens protecting our world and we need to make friends with them. All the while we well know these so called aliens are in fact a proposed scenario called Project Blue Beam devised back in the 50’s.

Lets take a look at Kazakhstan and what Astana is.


The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (Astana)











Now Lets REVIEW the current news reports on the missile failure.




n Conclusion: If Russia is at war with the New World Order or America then why are they launching from the enemies base. This whole thing is being orchestrated as separate lines and interests I don’t think so. I think they are all friends and all part of the same order of deceptions. There are no factions nor enemies there are only deceptions happening to the public’s opinion. Please be discerning on these stories and know what is behind the events. The connections are to close to be considered coincidences.


emember they did not want this information out. They strike your account and put question towards your reputation and honest research. They try to soil your character if you reveal something they don’t want you to know, by putting out a blanketed statement that you have broken some sort of Youtube law. It is a matter of principle that Youtube and many other video sites bring your reputation and character into question so you will disregard the elephant in the room. Don’t be deceived.





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