Sandy Hook – Another Parent Plays An FBI Agent

Sandy Hook – Another Parent Plays An FBI Agent

Video Description: xatisis

Sandy Hook Another Parent Plays An FBI Agent

A little closer comparison by xatisis

Video Description:

Mark Barden plays a double role as the grieving Dad of victim Daniel Barden and also the role of an FBI agent at the scene of the Sandy Hook Schooting (New word for hoax school shootings)

This is another example of an excellent match of parents from Sandy Hook role playing during the Sandy Hook Shooting event. Great work by these YouTube channels.

This is more than coincidence this many people on the same story, look so much alike. Actually the odds must be astounding to have so many doppelgangers in the same area working the same story. There have been many instances that either Reporters, FBI, Swat, Witnesses are not only active in this one story of Sandy Hook but exchange or are active in other such stories relating to demanding the public remove guns from citizens.

Let take a look at others

Video Description: The Paulstal Service

Just an introduction to the research I have done into the role St. Rose of Lima has played in the Sandy Hook 2nd Amendment Hoax.

Sandy Hook Hoax – What Are The Odds – The Paulstal Service – This is my new channel as comparing what people look like is apparently against YouTube freedom laws.



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Sandy Hook Child Victim DIES AGAIN in PAKISTAN School Shooting!

Annie Haddad is Nancy Lanza

Crisis Actress Returns? Train 188

The Undead Of Sandy Hook


Yes Trolls I am going to us the same picture again in comparison.

actress in many drills

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  1. Avatar
    Adam Sorg December 26, 2015

    There’s another one to look at–in the picture of 3 SWAT members with Wheeler in the middle, the guy to his left looks remarkably like actor Tate Donovan, who lo and behold is the guiding force behind this:

    which was inspired by the SH event. A look at his filmography and bio indicates that his career had pretty well tanked by 2010 but then shows a remarkable recovery in 2012 with continuous work since then, buying a $1.75 million condo in NYC etc.. Interesting to say the least.

  2. Avatar
    MoboEarth December 26, 2015

    Dont hate on me BUT I got to disagree with the Barden/FBI. Similar but no. FBI has thicker upper lip, laugh lines are different, dudes neck muscles are prominent, No baggage under the eyes. Just my humble opinion. If they were to be over layed they would not match up.

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