Sandy Hook August 2014 – Mysterious Accident

Sandy Hook August 2014 – Mysterious Accident


A Connecticut Senator is reportedly in a coma after suffering a nasty fall early Monday morning at his home in Stonington.

Sen. Andrew Maynard is believed to have tumbled off the balcony of an outside staircase about 2.40am, landing on the hard concrete sidewalk below.

The 52-year-old suffered serious head injuries and was transported to Westerly Hospital in Rhode Island unconscious.



Sandy Hook Hoax update August 2014. Senator Andrew Maynard’s mysterious fall, Kaitlyn Roig signs a new book deal and Lt Vance is questioned.…………


Kate Slate asks some great questions regarding this accident. “Who Falls at 2am moving furniture”? “Who help people move at 2am”? Suspensions abound in this story for sure. Anything connected with Sandy Hook seems to ooze of questionable accounts, inside the story and out.



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