Sandy Hook Book Sales – Sold On Sympathy

Sandy Hook Book Sales – Sold On Sympathy

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The presser’s released on Kaitlyn Roig and Scarlett Lewis are only a ploy to drum up sales for their books which are TANKING.

Yes Sympathy Sells and the Sandy Hook Hoax Group is out to sell you more of their lies. Always profiting off the propaganda and lies that perpetuate the story of the Sandy Hook tragic event. The Children this and the Children that, meanwhile pay them to speak and take your rights. Pay them even more to tell their story and watch them profit and fund campaigns to advocate taking your rights. The never ending drive for $$$$ that not only line the pockets of these pushers but those hell bent on going against every constitutional issue provided to you the people of the nation.

Don’t you ever wonder why the country has never asked for financial assistance to the forgotten homeless families from Hurricane Sandy? What happened to them? Where did all those families in the FEMA camps go? Why was there never a follow-up mass fundraiser for all those who lost their homes? Remember Katrina and the massive push to assist those displaced people and fund FEMA and Red Cross? Well the Sandy Hook School tragedy took the lime light from those poor souls, along with any assistance of help financially. Why? I can answer that, it did not fit into any narrative the Obama government wanted to push. There was no freedoms to be had by helping those in distress and lives destroyed by the storm.

Ask yourself the question, how much money do these Sandy Hook School Parents and Teachers need to make, to actually subside their fained grief? Does the money drive ever end for them? With the millions upon millions these individuals have made by way of victim funds and hero payoffs, double and triple lottery wins, not to mention the grants and crisis aid. When does it end? Regardless of if you believe the story or not. When does the story end and these people move on? When does the massive money grab subside? Do these people have no humility or dignity? They speak of strength and HONR and humanity for the children. They peddle fake courage with no tears of this supposed tragedy. Just how much will it take to make them stop the money madness. Is there ever enough for these people? Greed drives them and it has become so apparent regardless of if you think its a conspiracy or not, it is so evident the absolute lust for the buck.

Those who have done the research and exposed these “Money Mongers” for what they are, are not the enemy. These Sandy Hooked on Money Hoaxers twist the fact they can’t hide the money grubbing from the public any longer and accuse those who question the grab as Conspiracy Theorists or Tin Foil Hat wearers. It has become so obvious beyond the theory of conspiracy these people are about the MONEY. Their perpetual money begging is sinking their ship, all by itself. These families are no longer in GRIEF so much as they are in GREED. Lets call it what it is, they have over exposed themselves and now try to cover the obvious by pointing the finger at others. While they point the finger at those who question this fiasco, they should be reminded while pointing at us, there are three fingers pointing back at themselves. They have become hell bent on taking your right to critically think or question anything about this monumental gobbling of green.

Folks if for nothing else question the MONEY!

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