Sandy Hook Child Victim DIES AGAIN in PAKISTAN School Shooting!

Sandy Hook Child Victim DIES AGAIN in PAKISTAN School Shooting!


ropaganda and lies within the media are becoming more apparent each day. The agenda to control people through fear has ramped up all around the world. The New World Order has used various stories of terror to control people with fear in order to take rights and freedoms from the civilian population. However their mass attack on public opinion has begun to show cracks in their official stories. Here is proof the Media Lies. At this point there are no viable response’s the media could issue on this latest story that would explain these lies away.

Those claiming to know the victims in this latest attack at a school in Pakistan are outright liars. Those claiming to be the parents of the child also known as Noah Pozner are liars. This is an established fact, or is it?

Now the question might rest on not only what the content of these stores imply but WHO are the actual parents involved in these lies. The Sandy Hook parents are questionable to say the least, (no sadness in their loss nor anger against the supposed gunman) now we have other individuals claiming to be the actual parents of the past victim. For all we know this child died years prior in (again possibly) another case. If we search hard enough would we find that Noah’s persona as well as other children’s from Sandy Hook were from various other countries in similar type stories of tragedy? Possibly was Noah’s persona or that of other Sandy Hook children’s actual country of origin very different from what we were told. Some of the children look Irish, others look Israeli, possibly Hindu or Swiss. Is it possible the lack of emotion on the part of the parents of Sandy Hook is due to their lack of actual parenthood?

This recent development throws absolute doubt on any official story of Sandy Hook or the Peshawar event. It can only be concluded that the opinion of a conspiracy against the public are well founded, regarding Sandy Hook and Peshawar. These stories appear as nothing more than fabricated propaganda against the people and confirms or supports the opinion by many investigators, that the stories are manufactured to take rights from citizens, especially now due to these latest revelation’s.

Please review the evidence for yourself.

Click on the pictures to take you to the source story:

Boxer Amirnoah infowars pakistan


Note: If you notice some of the girls here are holding posters in English while others hold posters in other languages. If you recall the U.N. Gun grab agenda – The Denver Airport Mural explains through the deaths of children


the guns will be turned over by the children.

children guns denver

By mass demand the children will manipulate the public to relinquish all firearms to the U.N. The mass manipulation of the young is now in full effect and well underway.



Noah Pakistan todaynoah dailymailnoah memorial fund


There is no denying the pictures are related to the Pakistan incident.

Many Youtube investigators are asking the same questions & have began to call / contact the media on the lies.


Is it possible that due to all the new information about the Sandy Hook Tragedy being a psy-op, that their expected donation funds wanted/needed fell far short of expectation on the part of the parents/crisis actors? Thus are they now allowing their children’s pictures to be used by other such psy-ops to generate funds from other countries? It almost seems so. With the mass attack on many Youtube channels who have revealed critical evidence contrary to the official story and the blatant attempt to get the channels deleted or censored due to the evidence, we can draw no other conclusion. With the Youtube communities mass release of “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” as well as added evidence coming to light lately, the HONR network has focused on censoring those who are trying to reveal the truth of this information, regarding the Sandy Hook incident or Noah Pozner. It seems very questionable the HONR network is not targeting the mainstream’s release of this picture of Noah in Peshawar.

Lenny Pozner and his various other alias’ & accomplices within the HONR network are in fact behind the censorship of all factual evidence and materials being attacked/censored. Why then are they not focusing on this latest development? You would think if they were offended by either the information or the copyright claims of using the picture above as seen in Peshawar articles, why have they not made a copyright claimed against the media? The only conclusion we can come to is, because they want to generate donations from another fraudulent event to manipulate citizens out of funds from that country as well. What an ingenious scheme to bilk the public out of money on a large scale. It makes one wonder in how many other countries they have pulled this scam off.



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    Sherie January 15, 2015

    You should really look into the fact of where Robbie Parker was when he gave that fake fucking interview where he was shown smiling beforehand. Where he was standing(in front of the Mormon church) is A big deal and no one has looked into that as far as I know. The church would never allow or condone an interview like that 24hrs after a death right in front of the church.

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    Katherine Eldon January 07, 2015

    We need to talk about Peshawar…

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