Sandy Hook-Commission Gives Up On Lanza Info

Sandy Hook-Commission Gives Up On Lanza Info


Major tap dancing and bullshit artistry on display at the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission.


If you recall:


Remember the Debate and commission is nothing more than setting New Metal Health standards and guidelines.



t has become very obvious the agenda set by the Sandy Hook School shooting has not only set the stage for grabbing your guns, it has also set the perimeter’s of the definitions for Mental Health protocols. This is a serious matter when you consider what is labeled as pre-crime analysis. They can determine by a set perimeter of what you may or may not do according to your opinions or reactions. As an example: if you are of the opinion you want to live free of government control and retain your rights according to either religious or constitutional rights, then you may well be deemed unfit mentally to be a constructive citizen in this brave new world they want to implement.”They” being those in power or of the mob rule decide that should you feel you have the right to have arms to protect your rights and family then your opinions are dangerous thus you are dangerous. Therefore you can not continue to live with those who feel otherwise. This has been put into play in history before. Those of contrary opinions have been either re-educated, incarcerated, medically altered or put to death. Setting these standards should not be considered lightly. Beware what you ask for, for one day they may well deem you a non conformist, by way of any excuse they choose.

Lets make no mistake about it. Sandy Hook Shooting was put into play to set specific new standards of Mental Health on anyone the government or corporations wants to label as unfit.



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