SANDY HOOK Families TRADEMARK Victims NAMES! – So YOU Can’t Say Them

SANDY HOOK Families TRADEMARK Victims NAMES! – So YOU Can’t Say Them



NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)- The family of Sandy Hook shooting victim Victoria Soto has now trademarked her name. Her relatives say it needed to be done because her name is being misused on social media. What a trademark does is let the Soto family order anyone misusing Vicki’s name to cease and desist. That sounds simple but actually it requires a lot of work. It’s worth it though to try to keep some deluded people from spreading lies using her name.

OH come on no one is pretending to be her, this is just a twist to allow the trademark.

“It’s too easy to pretend you’re someone else,” said David Polgar, internet expert and Communications Director for Copilot Family. “For example, if I wanted to pretend I was you, I would just go to your Facebook account, right-click on your Facebook account, save that photo, utilize your name and open up a new account.”

“You see somebody’s photo and video, you trust it,” Polgar said. “But should you always trust it to again manipulate somebody’s image.”

Yes there is that word they are twisting off themselves.

A handful of “hoaxers” claim the shooting at Sandy Hook were staged, and Victoria Soto either never existed or is still alive. Her family has been filling out forms to shut down the unauthorized accounts. Now, her relatives have trademarked her name. The idea is to make it easier to shut down the imposters. Polgar says it’s a useful tool for the Soto family, but it does require a lot of work to enforce.

Full Story Here: WTNH

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upposing for safety’s sake we should not have directly copied the name from the story about Fictoria toSo, as Eliezer Pudgener might seriously hit us with legal action on using either toSo’s name or his sons Huzaifa Huxaifa (that might be a hard one to mix around) aka Noah Pudgener on a serious note the fact remains, these legal loopholes are leading to total disregard for free speech or opinion. The evidence is huge against the hoaxers who pulled off the Handy Sook (that will be trademarked next) School charade. I question whether or not the names of any of them are real to begin with.

The outcome to this is ridiculous we can twist names a thousand ways and still convey our point of view, regardless of what the GHONRia Network has to say. If you don’t go along with the “official” narrative then your simply insane or a terrorist. The nation has dropped the balls (of manhood) to react in outrage against such jargon twisting to take individual rights and freedoms. When is enough madness enough?


In a landmark decision out of nowhere they have now agreed to destroy the Lanza house.

The manipulation by the current FOIA Commission shows no regard for the legal submission by Wolfgang Halbig’s Requests. This evening February 17, 2015 they voted to disregard the requests and evidence within the Lanza house for independent investigation and destroy the house regardless, against State Statues.

newtownfoianewtown meetingClick on the picture ^ to access their website

Chris HankinsChris Hankins has “recused” himself from making any decision on the requests as he is in conflict of interest regarding requests. How can that be when he is the Commissioner of the Accountability Council. Well because he has a conflict of interest regarding the Lanza property and his association with the “PUTNAM COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION” in their records of Tuesday, August 26 2014 Putnam County Courthouse Courtroom 202 MINUTES

It seems in the case of the whole Sandy Hook event there are many who have vested interests in questionable practices of property, money, winnings and associations.

Lets take the case of Diane Mattioli and her husband Mark Mattioli. They lost their son James Mattioli on that fateful day at Sandy Hook. Poor Diane Mattioli who was the Spokeswoman for the lottery foundation must have been overjoyed when her husband collected his FIRST check of 62,659 dollars.

lotto Click on picture to see article from Google News.

Oh but this was not just a single win there were several, as well as several other parents who lost children and collected checks from their winnings.

Lottery winners SandyHook

Here is the link to the actual Lottery site showing his winnings.

Well instead of taking his winnings and running the big win for him will be in seeing you loose your rights.

In conclusion we need to press this story and stop these thieves from stealing even more from you through nefarious means. They are about to destroy evidence in an ongoing investigation and the whole lot of them seem to be benefiting by pulling this Hoax off on all of us.

Please you must share this critical information. We must have the freedom to investigate. They are destroying the right to disagree with the lies.

From the start they did not want anyone asking questions.

NOTE: All Credit for this Article goes to Sleight Of Sin


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    CheLanka February 18, 2015

    Words/Names/Phrases can only be trademarked if they are actually your own intellectual property. They can also only be TRADEmarked if they are being used in TRADE. The way this works is you must be selling something under that name or using it specifically to conduct business and designate your company name.

    If they are really able to get legitimate trademark applications then they are only creating a paper trail consisting of records that indicate these names are fabricated creations and used for brand marketing purpose. In this case it would be the knowingly fraudulent collection of donation money for a “tragedy” that never took place.

    If they are successful in trademarking these names they open themselves up to a number of possible criminal litigation. It will be up to people like us to actually make the criminal complaints and filings.

    Unfortunately, there actually is no legitimate government in this world, at least not our major “countries”. Any government where there is not a single citizen including judges, politicians, officials, cops, or lawyers who know ALL the laws of their state, let alone the entire federal registry, is a rogue criminal organization (with absolutely no legitimate legal standing).

    Considering the courts are completely fraudulent with judges who are completely ignorant of ALL the laws, you might not get very far, but it’s still worth a try. This is why it is important to establish people’s courts with armed representatives who enforce the law and apprehend those who are convicted.

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