Sandy Hook Film Censorship Efforts Backfire

Sandy Hook Film Censorship Efforts Backfire

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Rob Dew is joined by two of the filmmakers behind the “We Need To Talk About SandyHook” from the group who talk about the films viral success despite censorship efforts. Watch the film here:…

Rob Dew from contacted Tyranny New Network and QKUltra on the recent documentary called “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” Censorship on Youtube. They discuss many of the red flag issues surrounding the Sandy Hook Shooting incident. Continuing on the theme of the Anniversary of Sandy Hook, Rob Dew went on to interview other individuals connected with their insight into questions surround the shooting as well as their views on why they believe in Sandy Hook.



The Ultimate Sandy Hook Debate As The 2nd Anniversary Looms


Video Description:

Rob Dew moderates a debate between American Free Press writer Keith Johnson (http://www.AmericanFreePress.Net) and Sandy Hook Investigator Wolfgang Halbig ( This marathon interview covers many of the questions that investigators are asking about the events in Newtown CT as we approach the 2nd anniversary.



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    Monica Calvillo December 19, 2014

    This Keith Johnson is an idiot! He cannot answer one question directly. Which tells me this person is in on the whole thing of Sandy Hook? It is Keith Johnson is the fraud and doesn’t have any facts. He doesn’t tell the truth about Sandy Hook which makes him a liar. Keith should be embarrassed for the things he has said in regards to Sandy Hook. And there is too much evidence that says this was a staged event. I don’t know of any one of these truthers trying to make money off of any DVD’s. The only people collecting money is the parents of the dead children.

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