Sandy Hook – Free Jonathan Reich

Sandy Hook – Free Jonathan Reich



Sandy Hook – Free Jonathan Reich from corruption within the Connecticut Judicial System


Jonathan Reich was a 22-year old New York citizen who allegedly made threatening calls to individuals regarding the Sandy Hook incident. Upon careful consideration and investigation into his case, countless legal hurdles, and roadblocks have hindered and caused unjust cruelty to both he and his family for wrongful accusations on behalf of the Hartford Community Court and the Avon Police Department.

Considering the current charge and persistent delays between his former legal counsel of Pullman & Comley and Hartford Community Court, it would seem a conflict of interest is present. There is an unjustified amount of legal fees and excessive bail cost, coupled with violations of his civil rights to which prevent him from operating a legal defense fund. Collusion between various state departments, agencies, and media have allowed this to persist for over two years while the Class C misdemeanor should have been cleared by a single day of community service.

This unethical and unprofessional behavior is preventing Jonathan’s ability to defend himself in a court of law. The prosecution appears to be obstructing justice by withholding evidence through violations of Connecticut State Rules of Practice.



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