Sandy Hook; GAME OVER! – NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record

Sandy Hook; GAME OVER! – NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record

Sandy Hook – NO DEATHS, NO VICTIMS; According to SSDI Official Master File

The Sandy Hook shooting official narrative is now dead. We have seen in previous films how the Newtown school “shooting” was interconnected not only to the CIA, but also that Dawn Hochsprung – a supposed ‘victim’ of the event – is closely related to the family of a key propagandist. This propagandist AND Hochsprung are secretly and closely related to Peter Lanza – and therefore to the entire “Lanza” family!

While some geneology websites list the ‘official’ Sandy Hook victims in database searches, it was discovered that NONE of the “deaths” were actually traceable to the town of Sandy Hook in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Why? Inconsistencies in the various proprietary databases suggested TAMPERING WITH THEIR RECORDS as the cause. Indeed, it has been revealed that a systematic effort was made about one year before the “massacre”, to block or limit public access to such records!

In this document, you will see the results of a painstakingly thorough search of the ORIGINAL Social Security Death Master File for the Sandy Hook “victims.” The results are shocking. A great deal of information is made available, so anyone can verify the result for themselves.

The Boston Marathon “bombing” taught us much about how the fake death industry works – particularly in connection with Sandy Hook (see… — The Fake Death Industry). Here, we can see it in action, with the people who put it to use.

This information may help others who are now beginning the REAL investigation into Sandy Hook again. Now that the fake ‘official’ investigation has concluded so infamously.


Another Sandy Hook Bombshell, the evidence keeps piling up.

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  1. Avatar
    Baphomet July 28, 2015

    I have seen personnaly the master files of the social security before they make it limited access with a fee a year later and there was none of the said people registered. This iomple only fact based on official database is a hard evidence that the Sandy Hook was a staged event to push some political agenda or at least any common sense person with sake mind would obviously understand that something is wrong about this event. Not even talking about the strange register prices and dates of houses built in the entire area. (Looks like an “Hollywood Studio built In Real Life to create such specific event at some points”)

  2. Avatar
    More info March 26, 2014

    Google “sandy hook children alive at Super Bowl”

    Every single child of sandy hook that was on the field at the Super Bowl directly resembles the dead children. Only they are 11-12 years old meaning the pictures used were old photos of the kids at the Super Bowl. You can deny it all you want but I’m guessing, if you’re not a troll, you are intellectually dishonest AT BEST!!! If you deny it, you haven’t done any honest diligent research. Just like 9/11, they deny access to the information needed to show the truth because they know the truth and don’t want you to share in that knowledge.

    Way to go calling that troll of the logical fallacy. You forgot to mention the strawman this is the wrong group to be playing propagandist with. LOL

  3. Avatar
    Joe Jones March 23, 2014

    I have a standing offer of $25,000.00 in CASH, payable to the first person who can provide me with irrefutable proof that Sandy Hook was REAL.

  4. Avatar
    Brian Parent March 04, 2014

    I’ve been gathering info too that I see on line. Google: “Looking Into The Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax In Newtown, Connecticut”

  5. Avatar
    AJ February 27, 2014

    I agree that a lot does not make sense.

    However, this is what I don’t understand.

    Obviously, the kids were real, right? So where are they? Or is the speculation that the people aren’t even real?

    What would the point of this be and orchestrated by who?

    • Avatar
      qjuantum May 11, 2014

      No one has replied to you yet on this? Is obvious, gun control. The people behind the NWO is going after the 2nd amendment

  6. Avatar
    Saul February 27, 2014

    What about all the scholarships and foundations set up in memory of these children?

    • Avatar
      Kent Perry March 05, 2014

      Yeah, what waste of money. Lots of fake charities on the Internet and Sandy Hook is a fake Charity. Unless they can provide PROOF Habeas corpus, I have NO reason other than hearsay evidence, to believe it. We haven’t seen ANYTHING one would expect if this were a trial in a court of law, it would be thrown out because all of it relies in the testimony of others without any physical evidence whatsoever. All demands and request for same have been conveniently sealed from public scrutiny or destroyed. Sorry,. but where I come from, that spells a,,

      COVER UP

  7. Avatar
    Dan February 27, 2014

    There is a lot of information in the above video.

  8. Avatar
    Rush February 26, 2014

    These are the same type of people who say the holocaust never happened. Lol get a life! Just because you say something didn’t happen, doesn’t make it true.

    • Avatar
      Kent Perry March 05, 2014




      WE don’t have to prove Sandy Hook didn’t happen.

      YOU have to prove it DID and so far,,

      I haven’t seen a SHRED of proof

      NOT ONCE!

  9. Avatar
    Lynn February 26, 2014

    Every time this happens the parents line up to sue the school and whoever else they can. Yet mysteriously with supposedly dozens of people shot while in custody of others supposed to keep them safe without explanation not a single parent or relative of anyone killed has submitted a single lawsuit. Very very strange in America land of the lawyers. And in these type of multiple attack incidents there is never 100% death. Always some killed, some injured. Where’s are the injuries and then the news stories interviewing the brave child who survived etc etc?

  10. Avatar
    Richard February 26, 2014

    So this was fake and one of the cluess was that the father was laughing on camera?
    Well, if this was a CIA, JEW or whatever hoax, they sure picked a bloody lousy actor.

    • Avatar
      Kent Perry March 05, 2014

      Yeah but it is more likely he is one hell of a lousy actor than it is to believe he is a grieving Dad who just lost a child. Now THAT is just too hard to believe and

      I DON’T.

  11. Avatar
    Melanie February 26, 2014

    Have you noticed it was bombarded with “non-believers” all at once?? I haven’t researched enough to make an assumption either way, but I do believe the government is very capable of such acts, and would do anything, at all costs, to enforce a particular law.. Hopefully we will only have to endure this bullshit for two more years!! I’m a democrat and completely disagree with 97% of what has been said and done for the last 6 years!! Come on people, how can you sit and say this isn’t the modern day version of nazi germany?? It’s just the beginning!

    • Avatar
      Lola March 10, 2014

      Melanie, You cannot seriously believe the rules of the game will actually change (to our better), because the new player will come into action??? It does not matter where You stand or what side /head You choose – the dragon is all the same one. It will only get worse, with every new turn, and we will just have to adapt to a bigger, more comfortable enslavement… and adapt we will, as no matter what we do, they will always be 100 steps ahead, it’s their job. I’ll just wait for the zombie plague to take over and deal with them all. lol.

    • Avatar
      docryder July 19, 2015

      If you believe the turnover of a new president is the solution, then you are a part of the problem.

  12. Avatar
    Anonymous February 26, 2014

    Sandy Hook; GAME OVER! – NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record | Max Resistance

  13. Avatar
    Jessica February 26, 2014

    They have attack dogs who get your twitter/facebook taken down if you ask any questions. Ryan Graney was hired by the Sotos to attack threaten and try intimidate those asking questions on twitter. Show her a little love: @RyanEGraney Shes a vicious little cunt who gets PAID by the Sotos do to this, its getting SO ridiculously out of hand. these people MUST be exposed!

  14. Avatar
    jordan horton February 26, 2014

    I honestly don’t think this is fake!!!!! whos babies were that in those pictures….huh?? or who was all them family members who stood u on that stand and told all the stories about the times there children used to spend together I DO NOT THINK THIS WAS FAKE!!!

    • Avatar
      Kent Perry March 05, 2014

      That’s nice that you don’t believe this was fake and that everything that happened that day ACTUALLY happened. Now here is where the rubber meets your road, or the path to the rabbit hole you have unknowingly chosen to follow,,

      Ya ready?? Ok here it is,,

      PROVE IT!

  15. Avatar
    Vickie Kostolich Dolak February 26, 2014

    You people disgust me. Fake deaths…scams…get a life and stop wasting ours!!

  16. Avatar
    M. February 26, 2014

    Those of you who claim to have known someone involved and swearing that it’s real probably aren’t who you say you are. This isn’t a person-verified forum here. This isn’t face-to-face and you have no proof of anything you say, like the researched proof right here that nobody actually died. If i was someone involved in creating this scheme and i wanted to quell any talk of the truth in a forum like this, i’d just go make an email address, give myself a name, and get to lying. Honestly, i wouldn’t be surprised if some of you who are trying to give misinformation about your “mourning relatives” weren’t even involved in this scheme. You just can’t stand to see someone prove that your beloved government would do such a thing.

  17. Avatar
    Jason February 26, 2014

    No we’re not crazy…our government is. Wake up before its too late.

  18. Avatar
    Shawn February 26, 2014

    You people are crazy. I can’t even begin to type a response to this thread. I personally know one of the victims of Sandyhook ay trust me when I tell you they were real and they are in fact dead. Seriously….get a life and stop with this conspiracy nonsense already.

    • Avatar
      Steven Holbrook February 26, 2014

      Then, if you have a name, it should be listed on the official roster of victims, correct ? So the official victims list is now sealed and has never been released, compare that to the other actual mass shootings i.e.. Columbine, Ft Hood, all of those victims names are available. You’re a troll with an agenda. We have a life, and we care about the BS being pulled on the American people.

    • Avatar
      Kent Perry March 05, 2014

      Another one making a claim without proof without a name, a single solitary link. WHY SHOULD I BELIEVE YOU? You’re just a bunch of words in a textbox giving me the same garbage the sandhook hoax tried to. That message is always the same ” THIS IS A TRAGEDY” and “BELIEVE IT”

      What you fail to do is the very reason we are all here saying what we are in the first place because YOU SIMPLY DON’T GET IT. YOU SIMPLY DON’T LISTEN!


      YOU SAY SOMETHING ie: “A tragedy happened”

      Then you demand we believe it! WHY?? Because You say so??

      You people make me sick. If you have a neighbor or know someone who knows someone else blah blah, if you can’t give names or furnish data, THEN SHUT THE HELL UP! You are only wasting our time listening to more allegations you have no intention of providing evidence for much less proof.



  19. Avatar
    Jason February 25, 2014

    I don’t recall the little girl’s name that was killed, but my neighbor and good friend was her uncle. He flew back to connecticut for her funeral. It was real! It happened! This kind of writing makes me sick! Please don’t believe these lies!

    • Avatar
      Gold Star Dad February 26, 2014

      Your cyber acting sucks. You neighbor and good friends neice is killed in the countries biggest mass murder since 9/11 & you can’t even remember her name.

      It’s been 7 years and I can still tell you the names of the soldiers killed by the IED that also killed our son. You obama trolls suck.

    • Avatar
      willow February 27, 2014

      You don’t recall, your GOOD FRIEND who was her uncle, little girls name!!!!!! HMMMM Now that’s interesting. Tell me how do you know he flew back for a funeral and if so did he get to see her @ the funeral? How did she look and what part of her body was shot? NO CASKETS were OPEN @ the FAKE FUNERALS. This was reported by the FAKE parents. NO PROOF…….Just like the reporting of OBLadin NO body NO PROOF and they conveniently SAID his body was DUMPED in the ocean and the so called BIGGEST HIT since 911 by the BIGGEST LIAR holding the office of President.

    • Avatar
      Kent Perry March 05, 2014

      Yeah my neighbor is the brother of one of the victims too and it was real.

      Naaah just showing how stupid it is to make claims like yours without a single link or piece of evidence to substantiate same. The bottom line is NONE of us know unequivocally what happened at Sandyhook that day. WE WEREN’T THERE!

      We are relegated to having to trust our MSM News sources and have faith they are telling the truth. BUT they have lied to us so much so often I don’t put much stock in what they say and going by what I HAVE seen of this event, I can tell you this much. THAT everything I DID see the MSM News reporting seemed very very strange and NOTHING I saw adds up. It left me with more questions and the answers I got from the MSM News kept changing so much and so often I quit listening. I may not know know much but I know when i’m being fed a load of crap and when it comes to Sandyhook, the entire Saga of sandyhook is a LOAD of Crap. If that offends these alleged parents of victims, tell em, they can blame the reporting and all those media people who to this day, STILL can’t seem to get their story straight. NOTHING about sandyhook makes sense, NOTHING about it jibes with reality NONE of the parents testimony rings true and ALL of the corroborating evidence one needs to see, to form an opinion, is available OR it has been kept from public scrutiny which is a favorite tactic of this federal Governments Commander in Thief relegating us to having to just “trust him”. From his pathetically forged birth certificate to his completely manufactured past and childhood, NOTHING THEY SAY will I take at face value as true, no way, no how. They simply do NOT have that kind of credibility anymore and I doubt EVERYTHING they say anymore because of the lies I CAN prove and that includes the ones I can’t.

  20. Avatar
    Karin Six February 25, 2014

    Not sure about a lot of things anymore… Sooo much corruption and manipulation! I see poisonous chem trails above us and wonder what is really going on!

  21. Avatar
    Barrett February 25, 2014

    I feel that I have taken a massive IQ hit from reading this article; fucking conspiracy nut jobs.

    Also, don’t tell me to “wake up,” as my eyes are wider than those who spout this utter nonsense.

    • Avatar
      John February 26, 2014

      sorry, neither side knows what happened; and people are too fats to call others trolls and other names

  22. Avatar
    gM February 25, 2014

    you should check the “Birth” Records, and see what exist there…

  23. Avatar
    JustinBZ February 25, 2014

    As much as I wanted to believe the cover up, I was able to find the records of everyone who died ._.
    Here are two of the many searches I did at

    Don’t just question the government people, question EVERYTHING. Misinformation is a billion dollar industry and it seems it can go both ways unfortunately

  24. Avatar
    allen February 25, 2014

    It never happened wake up! SMH! Is it so hard to believe you’ve been lied too!

  25. Avatar
    Dicasso February 25, 2014

    well let’s see..somethings have been brought where was the emergency triads for the injured, where did the swat team park never saw their set up when this went down, why no helicopters, never heard about any funerals for these”victims”, how cmd we haven’t seen any pics of the mother of the boy that did this or even his pic of being carried away from the site?..too many issues here…
    anyone have answers?

  26. Avatar
    Trevor Moyce February 25, 2014

    If someone killed one of my family members I would be so distraught that I wouldn’t be able to go on T.V. and talk normally. All of these guys have no trouble with that! Very strange!

    • Avatar
      willow February 27, 2014

      where’s the like button

  27. Avatar
    Adrian M. Lewis February 25, 2014

    This is NOT the only hoax that has been perpetrated upon the American people–nor the world itself. There are those involved in the secret societies of the world who want martial law in effect so that they can REALLY KICK IN MASS DEPOPULATION and what better way than through deception–pure deception. Those who do these things want us to surrender our rights to bear arms and so on…but DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP YOUR GOD-GIVEN FREEDOMS! IF THOSE WHO HIDE IN SECRET WANT TO FIGHT YOU FOR YOUR RIGHTS—THEN LET THEM BRING IT, BUT DON’T JUST HAND OVER YOUR RIGHTS! IT IS A GOOD THING TO KNOW THAT YOU STAND FOR WHAT IS JUST AND GODLY.

  28. Avatar
    Dave February 25, 2014

    We need to stand as one force. No one person can do it all. Join us.
    together we can change it.

    • Avatar
      Lola March 10, 2014

      I’m with You, Dave… what’s the next step, what do we do?

      • Avatar
        qjuantum May 11, 2014

        start by waking people up by any means. Do a lot of research, follow people that think alike, stay away from main stream media, the only time I listen to main stream media is to see what fake propaganda is being pushed. Once you understand how the system works, how false flags are created and why, things become very clear, you can see when something is fake or not. understand why vaccination is being pushed hard, why fluoridation is state mandate, why laws that demand GMO products be labeled are squashed, why the rest of the world is in poverty and what is the cause. I have a YouTube channel user/qjuantum check out my playlists there, spread the word!

  29. Avatar
    Raven February 25, 2014

    Questioning, you are either a troll or really, really out there. All you have to do is watch the actor laugh before he goes on camera, to talk about a child he just lost. No ambulances left the scene to try and save anyone of those people. Not to mention the shooter was autistic. Damn he was a pretty darn good shot at all those 26 people and then didn’t even try to shoot the 2 cops coming after him. Yet like all the other false flags going on. The shooter always ends up dead, with nobody being able to talk to them and none of the officers ever receiving a scratch. Then there are also the 2 FBI officers who were pushed out of the helicopter who were involved closely with this BB case. Ya, I know questioning just another one of those darn coincidences huh?

    • Avatar
      willow February 27, 2014

      AND….lets not forget that ALL of those AMBULANCES were ROPED OFF and BLOCKED IN from leaving AND ALL of the AMBULANCES were at the FIRE HOUSE while the so called victims were at the school !!!!! It makes NO SENSE.

  30. Avatar
    T. Kiergen February 25, 2014

    Only one point I disagree with…. The CIA is not that sloppy… However DOJ and NSA tend to get that sloppy when they want it to look like a CIA OP if things go bad…..In DOJ’s case they really think people are that stupid about 1/2 the time but the other 1/2 of the time their ops are geared to make someone else take the hit if it goes sour.. NSA is only that sloppy if they want attention diverted to another agency all along

  31. Avatar
    Kim February 24, 2014

    @Questioning – I think you MISSED the point! This did NOT happen so no deaths to mourn, it was all a FAKE for people like you to scream out GUN CONTROL – WE MUST HAVE GUN CONTROL! When all Gun FREE Zone signs do is put a TARGET on our children’s backs because CRIMINALS do NOT abide by those signs one bit!

    This was NOTHING but a hoax to shove thru a Marxist agenda! Look into the history of Gun Control – all the “great” leaders (and I say that tongue in cheek), Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc – they FORCED gun control on their subjects – go ask the Jews how that worked out for them! DOH – you can’t because MOST of them DIED because they could NOT defend themselves!

    WAKE UP!

  32. Avatar
    JET_MAMM February 24, 2014

    I applaud this. Good job guys. I’ve shared this through numerous truth outlets and will continue to do so. We’re dealing with some real sick, selfish, gluttonous sociopaths for them to hoax something like this, and we won’t stop until we bring them down and pay them the revenge they deserve.. I would like to see all of their heads on sticks.. from every pig in a suit to the bankers who were involved in this scam to try and convince people to get rid of our 2nd amendment so enforcing martial law would be easier for them..

  33. Avatar
    Questioning February 24, 2014

    Would the parents and families who had to bury their babies say the same thing? Would they say their children never existed, would they say their kids didn’t die that day, would they say they don’t feel the heartache everyday at the loss of their children, would they say their children and families were not victims? I don’t think so! Because each and every death is real, each and every family feels this pain and loss, and each and everyone was an innocent victim. That’s real! What’s not real about it? As a mother, I would be ferious to read such an article saying it didn’t happen, no deaths, no victims! The outrage the families must feel. :'( it breaks my heart people would not thinkbefore making such statements!

    • Avatar
      saflak February 24, 2014

      Questioning, You need to be questioning the official government version of this. Do a Google of Wolfgang Halbig, a school security expert, who is challenging the official version. Many things don’t add up.

    • Avatar
      jay February 25, 2014

      nobody was killed at sandy hook. nobody was buried… it was fake…please wake up now ……..

    • Avatar
      John February 25, 2014

      Did you or the parents see see dead bodies? Or any pics of the crime scene? Or wonder why EMT’s weren’t allowed? Or why people doing thorough investigations were threatened?? Or why no surv. videos of supposed break-in?

    • Avatar
      Ceyx February 25, 2014

      Then where are those Families/relatives?

      • Avatar
        djaz February 25, 2014

        Exactly and the one “father” was laughing and getting into character for his “news” brief.

        Also, this same man’s “dead” daughter is in a photo with Obama after the murders.

        • Avatar
          John February 26, 2014

          yeah, they try to say it is Emilie Parker’s younger sister in same/similar dress..The gov’t is heavily involved whether or not anyone killed–lanza and others are duped or drugged or like McVeigh, willing victims of entrapment

      • Avatar
        john February 26, 2014

        FLA?? Conn elsewhere?? Too many unanswered questions to tell–i am inclined to think it DID happen but Lanza was used/duped…but what does the gov’t have to hide threatening these C-Nuts if that’s what they are?

    • Avatar
      Eric Hanson February 25, 2014

      I sure agree with your feelings… still the parents would have only the sloppy reporting, horrible police work, obstruction of any independent investigation, the threats against those asking questions and the nationwide rash of CIA instigated bomb threats immediately after to blame for the very reasonable doubts on the official narrative. Certainly you’re right that surviving parents would be furious (I spelled it better though) and if I were them I’d skip out on some of the gun grabbing forums and instead invest heavily in gathering and sharing the answers to the countless reasonable questions to which all the doubting is owed.

    • Avatar
      Ed February 25, 2014

      Statements based on research! Not just off the wall statements. If it happened the way the Govt and media said it did then all of these facts that tell a different story would not exist. They do so you have to research it and it clearly paints a different picture.

    • Avatar
      Ogic February 25, 2014

      You have the resources, look it up for yourself. Then ask why. Those of you who automatically believe all you see and hear, need a trip to the studios (movie) to see the process of makeup etc.

    • Avatar
      Nicole February 26, 2014

      Are the parents going to stand up for their kids? I think its odd that they are not the ones answering this accusation.
      Wake up.

    • Avatar
      Rob February 26, 2014

      Nice try , you retarded little troll!

    • Avatar
      Stacey February 26, 2014

      They were actually never allowed to see their children. Can I ask you, would you be okay never holding that little hand again? No matter how bloody, how many bullet holes, or what they looked like, you would drag me kicking and screaming if someone pronounced my son dead and then never allowed me to see him again. And that is what happened to each of these “parents”. The idea that this happened is tragic, but it’s just an idea, when you get through the tears in your eyes you can see it for the drill that it was.

      Who cleaned up all that blood? Nobody will give you that answer, and after Columbine there was tons of blood, this would have been far worse.

      Who pronounced kids dead minutes after it happened when by law a doctor must be there to pronounce them dead. Who didn’t send rescue helicopters to save those that needed to be saved? It was sure important to set up portapotties but not send rescue?

      It’s very hard to believe that nobody was injured yet so many died. Columbine had many injuries along with the deaths, and they had rescue teams there immediately, no check ins, no waiting until we have the number of dead. They went in to help anyone who needed it, that’s protocol and it didn’t happen at Sandy Hook.

      What kinds of police officers tell children to go back into the classroom that supposedly had the dead children still in it? That’s not police protocol. You get them out, not send children to face their dead school mates.

    • Avatar
      Rs February 27, 2014

      I’m no because it didn’t happen idiot

    • Avatar
      willow February 27, 2014

      With the WIDE RANGE of info and proof that this was a HOAX I’m sure many DONATORS are FERIOUS.

    • Avatar
      Sue February 28, 2014

      Questioning….. if you have never seen the movie “Wag The Dog” I urge you to get a copy and watch it a couple of times.

  34. Avatar
    Field McConnell February 24, 2014

    google [ malloy + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + abel danger ]

    I have personally been communicating with Malloy, Vance, Kehoe, Carver, Simmons, Rincon
    since 10 Jan 2013 regarding the sloppy nature of their street theater.

    Field McConnell

  35. Avatar
    lawrence vincent scully February 23, 2014

    time for the people to wake up stop the take over to the N W O ..

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