Sandy Hook Hoax; St Rose Drill or Lockdown?

Sandy Hook Hoax; St Rose Drill or Lockdown?


Info comes from the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook Page…


Was there a mix in pictures and testimony from the children on the news. Individuals who were interviewed could well have been from St Rose rather than the apparent non-active school of Sandy Hook. This story and the evidence never ends.



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    Ron Aigner (Columbine family) August 17, 2014

    I just caught your interview with Wolfgang Halbig. In an earlier interview, he supports our findings that the Columbine shooters were provoked by being raped during their arrest for breaking into a van. Google January Incident, Walsh buttrape. Columbine victim Mark Taylor was abducted and drugged while exposing this info. Mark’s attorney John Decamp is on this link discussing his knowledge of the repeated rapes of the shooters.
    On this link, go to 10:40 to hear Wolfgang discuss the rapes of the shooters.
    Remember, Adam Lanza was obsessed with Columbine. He too was raped. Google I am Adam Lanza I will be famous.

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