Sandy Hook: Hoax, the final chapter!

Sandy Hook: Hoax, the final chapter!


Police used video footage of 2 schools when documenting the evidence scene and you will see that here. Also watch the exterior of the school footage and you will notice all red brick facade with all windows starting 4 feet from the ground. While school scrap book from 2011 has interior picture of concrete block and widows high up close to roof.


Evidence Site:


School Website and Archived pictures:


sandyhooklittle Compare the Evidence Videos with that of what is presented in the footage of the school website and things don’t add up. First of all there are no Christmas decorations anywhere in the school except peeking out of a storage box in a closet. There are no decorations on any staff desks. The bushes in the main courtyard from the school website do not match the Evidence videos of the courtyard. There are many inconsistencies on these videos and in the pictures.

Note as well the first evidence video was taken on Dec, 14 at 14:00hr or 3 pm. Notice there are NO (Incredible Thing – Stated by Carver) Medical Tents in the parking lot of the school that evening of the shooting. Where are they???? They stated the bodies stayed in the building over night. There is no police tape nor any indication of their presents.

Note: The school appears to be in such disarray, the condition of closets and possible obstruction to exit various rooms, would have violated many fire codes and regulations.



This satellite image provided by Google shows the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. A shooting at the school Friday, Dec. 14, 2012, left the gunman dead and at least one teacher wounded. (AP Photo/Google)

As a subscriber (WillowTree523) indicated “Why is there NOT a State File Number” on the Death Certificate?


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