Sandy Hook Hoax – The Light and the Darkness

Over and over again the term “The Light and the Darkness” appears when I am watching videos about the false flag events – from Boston to Sandy Hook to Aurora, and not only in news articles but also coming out of the mouths of the actors reading their scripts provided by their “illuminated” script writers.

This is a clear scripted and subliminal appeal to the Christians of this nation- who have been thoroughly indoctrinated with such terminology in a religious context; The Darkness and the Light- but now, staged, some would call them satanic evil actors and their accomplices are using these terms to subliminally connect with millions of Americans and use that same terminology to be more believable and to fool the public.

Yes, the term: “The Light and the Darkness” is commonplace in Christian rhetoric- but Haaretz and Gene Rosen are Jewish- Gene Rosen used the term 3 times in 3 different interviews- (along with a lot of other terms, which indicate a premeditated, practiced script) I haven’t done an exhaustive search, but the term “light and the darkness” has been used in at least 11 mainstream article headlines that I have found so far- and I only searched for about and hour and a half.

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