Sandy Hook Police Camera Footage Manipulation – By Whom?

Sandy Hook Police Camera Footage Manipulation – By Whom?

Just for a minute consider and play the devil’s advocate in favor of the Connecticut Police. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that they did not release the following video evidence in its current timeline format. With that in mind we would like to address those who claim to be for the victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting of Dec, 14 2012.

For instance, C.W. Wade promotes the seemingly fabricated story of a massive shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. He has touted the claim that he’s all about the victims and their families. If that were the case, then why does he provide falsified reports on the events of the day? If in fact children did die that day, their families have been more than compensated financially. If C.W. Wade and the rest of the Sandy Hook Hoaxers who perpetuate the fabrications were all about “The Children” then what about the living victims of this story? Shouldn’t they be entitled to the truth of what really happened during the events of the day? Shouldn’t you C.W. Wade, do your very best to report the events as they ACTUALLY happened and not put forward obvious manipulated / manufactured time lines from the police footage, as ‘exclusive evidence’. We challenge you Mr. Wade and your other concerned parents and cohorts to provide full disclosure in the form of full video evidence, you may or may not have received via a FOIA request. According to your recent article you were provided with all relevant evidence in full response to the supposed request. You claimed your ‘exclusive evidence’ would confirm all the events of the day regarding the police care cams. Please release the videos actual provided timeline by the police of the children exiting from the school. Honest researchers and reporters do not manipulate nor manufacture footage timelines for the benefit of dramatic headlines.

Let’s address the living victims, who may have been traumatized by the way this whole situation unfolded? If this is a real event then you owe the living the truth of what you claim to have obtained. Are you really thinking of the children? These children who are still alive and living with what happened must deserve to know the truth and deal with what occurred. Shouldn’t you provide them with the answers they must also be seeking around this supposed tragedy? Instead you seem to have an agenda. Dramatic headlines with manipulated lies. You sir are profiting off those who died and focus your information to mislead the public based only on those children who may or may not have died during the course of the day. Don’t the living children deserve better?

ProfessorDoom2 takes an extensive look into the latest release of what is supposed to be video footage of the police cruisers involved on the day of the Sandy Hook School Shooting December 14, 2012. While the character C.W. Wade presents this footage as being released to him ‘As Is’ by way of a F.O.I.A. Request put forward by Mr. Wade, who neglects to provide proof of such a request to the Hartford / Police / FOIA office. When one looks at all recent listed claim to the FOIA office, no such requests are listed in the Hartford Ct. office regarding these requests. As well Mr. Wade presents the material he supposedly received as being ‘exclusive evidence’ of a followed timeline in regard to the police dash cams. However ProfessorDoom2 disagrees and makes some pretty valid points to counter the claims of C.W. Wade has presented as fact.

Listen to what seems to really be going on.


Video Description:

Take a look at what we find here when it comes to the newly uploaded Dash cam footage from the alleged Officer Seabrook squadcar and the Sinko squadcar. I will let you all decide whether certain individuals have presented a good case that this is indeed authentic dash cam footage.………………

NOTE: SOS’s report is within the links of the above video description.


ZeeRoeThree has provided an additional video to explain how to manipulate time stamps.

Video Description:

If he knows how to add a water mark, text, and transition effects…



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