Sandy Hook; SMOKESCREEN – How Obama Planned to Blind Us, During His Coming Terror Rampage

Carefully documented proof, that Barack Obama gave orders to hide government records, which were ultimately used to reveal the fake deaths of the 2012-2014 fake-death terror spree.

These government records have always been public domain, legally accessable by the public. Just before the terror spree commenced, Obama’s minions argued to block access to them COMPLETELY. There was even a request to require FOIA paperwork for all of these records – FOR 100 YEARS! Fortunately for us, Obama only succeeded in PARTIALLY obscuring these records – NOT good enough to keep YOU from discovering the truth!

It’s all part of the Fake Death Industry… death being what is required to make unconstitutional laws pass, in the estimation of the perpetrators. – By LivingonplanetZ

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