Sandy Hook Truth CO-OPTED by Infowars & CIA Plants! – Wolfgang vs. SH School Board

Sandy Hook Truth CO-OPTED by Infowars & CIA Plants! – Wolfgang vs. SH School Board



he much anticipated trip to Newtown by Wolfgang Halbig and company, confronting the Sandy Hook School Board has left a bad taste in the mouths of many Sandy Hook researchers and activists. Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer finally spoke in front of the Newtown Sandy Hook School board on May 6th, about the fraud of the Sandy Hook shooting, as they had promised to do for the last few months.

According to Halbig’s own accounting, this trip cost over $14,000 of the $18,000 he had raised. What transpired revealed how something like this can never reach its apex because it will always be infiltrated and co-opted.

Hat off to all the youtube channels who have brought to light the Hoax Sandy Hook has been. Hard work and determination have brought the issues to the forefront of the intended agenda of this event.

Gun grabbing and more security were the intent, yet deceptive means were used to try and subvert all your rights and freedoms. RedPillRevolution outlines the continued lies to deceive during the recent so called investigation and request for the documents required to get to the bottom of the hoax. This hope of some sort of disclosure, soon turned into a circus to make all those who investigate such scripted false flags and lies, out to be nothing more than fools and conspiracy theorists.


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